Mini-Marathon Trout Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ned Wright, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Sounds good Ed, we will let fate tells us whether you are in or out.....
  2. Ed:

    It's not anti-committment syndrome, it's called FLY TIERS IMPULSE, along the lines (no pun intended) of buyers impulse.

  3. would you mind if i were to send both january and february's flies in the same shipment?
  4. Richard, i'm a new tier. I've entered a bunch of swaps since I've joined and started tying. I've taken a class, tie as much as possible and like the deadlines and pressure of tying something nice for others. I've just been in a bunch here recently. Call it what you want, sounds like a great swap but for me it is hard to predict what I might be doing in two, three or four months. So for now just consider me the "I'll do it if no one else takes that last spot" guy. Ed
  5. Hello sharpshooter,

    I have no problem with you sending two lots in one, just wondering how you want to deal with the logistics.

    They would have to be in by the 25th of Jan, so that your Jan flies can go back to everyone else. At that point would you want me to hold off and send your Jan and Feb return flies at the end of feb or would you send two different containers for return shipment?

    As you guys will see soon enough I have pretty tight instructions on shipping flies (cheapish fly box in a small postal container, toetags, return label, etc) I have my own opinions on how things work best in a swap.... Run a few in the past and a tight ship is easier to sail....

    Let me know what you are thinking and we can discuss...

  6. I'll help Mumbles wriggle off the hook. Count on a shop vac, Sheila sculpin, DOA dun, foam back emerger and undoubtedly another streamer.
  7. Cool, thanks riseform. I bet this will be an awesome swap.
  8. That does it! We are full.

    Mumbles, if you are interested we can call it a baker's dozen. Let me know quickly so that I can give out concise directions.

    As soon as I hear from Ed and get the time to write up instructions (w/pictures) we will be off.

    I will be a picky miester with high expectation (double whips and cement please) and then we can all really enjoy the result untill the alder/willow gods taketh away....

  9. Thanks Ned, but I'll pass on this one. I keep committed to swaps one or two flies at a time. Best of luck to all. I've benefited from flies from several of your tying group, they are great. I'm sure the picky meister will also post photos for all to enjoy!!

    Twenty eight posts in this thread and you guys are not tying yet...crack that whip, er whip finisher and get 'em rolling.
  10. No insult intended here on my part Ed.
    I think it's awesome that you are getting into it. I myself am trying this swap deal for the first time.
    Although i've been tying off and on for about 10 years now, I still find myself a novice because there are always new techniques that come around.

    It's when you start tying the old Atlantic Salmon flies with regularity, you can genuinely say that "you're good at it", and i'm far from that!

  11. Got my nymphs done... On to the streamers!!! I'm thinkin' slump buster in a barred olive should be a good sculpin for the rivers.
  12. Thanks for the reply Ed... Dare say you will regret it though....

    I will give you first rite of refusal if we lose someone.

    Instructions will be forthcoming.....

  13. I was thinking sculpin too. Got my first brown on a sculpin on the Clark Fork a few months back (Double dipping, dry on the way down and stripping back). I also have the skin from my first blacktail just waiting in the garage to become lots of flies....
  14. Atlantic classics and tiny dries...for now those are on my "I'll buy them list".
  15. Tiny dries....

    Once again credit goes to Ron Eagle Elk. His tax day swap was grand.

    Most I ever swore while tying for a swap....
  16. well i would be willing to just send one container and have both types sent back at the end of february, if you dont want to go to the trouble of that i'll just send them one at a time. im done with my nymphs and am already working on my streamers-a tube fly- so i figured i would just send them both together. tell me what you think.
  17. Regretting it already but such is life. Currently I'm not under pressure to tie any flies...three ongoing swaps already have my meager offerings. I'll get in another one soon.
  18. Check your pm's for directions. I am not sure I did the photo right if not here it is again:


  19. well along with my nymphs i got my streamers done just now, i need to go buy some hooks for the tubes now and then ill have them in the mail. to the swapmeister, if holding january and february's flies and shipping them both at once is ok with you then id like to do that
  20. Cool, looking forward to seeing them!

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