Mini-Marathon Trout Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ned Wright, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Ned,

    You're going to get all 5 patterns at one time from me. That is the easiest thing for me to do as i have fishing trips planned & headed to Canada between now & May. Don't worry, i will have everything all nicely organized for you. They should be in the mail next week.

  2. Nypmphs are in the mail today. Just a warning, these flies are known to catch huge trout. Make sure you have your drag adjusted before you throw them out. I'm not liable for broken rods!! :rofl:
  3. Ned,

    All 5 patterns are in the mail. You should see them tomorrow.

  4. My nymphs are done and I will try to get them in the mail today. I hope nobody has a problem with a crawfish pattern for the streamer because that what I am working on. I am looking forward to seeing everybodys patterns.

    Tight line regards,

  5. Got Bullwhacker's nymphs today. REALLY nice stuff! If this is any indication this is going to be a great swap.

    I must say he also followed directions to a T! Nice work. He also made paid his MVP fees. I heard from 7 of you who were in favor of the idea and no one against it so I will assume this is a go. If anyone has some serious objections let me know.

  6. Does everyone use weighted lines for streamers or should we be putting some weight on them?

  7. That depends on where or how i am fishing. The Streamers i just tied for this swap, i went ahead and weighted them. It can't hurt, the way i look at it. :thumb:

  8. Hello TLL,

    Just wanted to let you know that your flies arrived today. You get the prize for being done first. Great job on all of the flies and the packaging.

    Enjoy your fishing trips,
  9. Nymphs went in the mail today.

  10. ill have my flies in the mail tomorrow
  11. ...and they just got mailed
  12. Great!

    I now have 5 sets of nymphs with one more on the way. That makes half of them.

    FYI 25th is next sunday, so this is the last weekend for tying! Flies should be in the mail by wed at the latest....

  13. got mine done mailing them tomorrow. i tied some rubberlegged stone nymphs that i like a lot but they are nothing fancy
  14. I will be mailing mine out tomorrow too.

    I tied an untested pattern I call the Torres Atomic Damsel that looks like it might
    induce a strike.
  15. my bead head Darth Vaders are going in the mail tomorrow as well.
  16. I had to go into town today, so I dropped mine at the PO. Since Lone Lake is on the way I was tempted to stop for an hour or so, but since there was still ice all over the driveway at 11am I wimped out. :(
  17. I have 6 sets in hand, four in the mail or going out tomorrow and one drop-out (we have a replacement on hand). We are getting there...

  18. so my flies came back to me today like a postal service boomerang...additional postage added and they will be back in the mail tomorrow.
  19. Sounds good Eric. I will look forward to seeing them.

    Update for everyone. I now have 9 sets of flies in hand. Connor H dropped out, but Chuckngear had already contacted me to be a backup. He is sending his ASAP. Other than that the other two sets are in the mail, so it looks like we are on time.

    I should have them back out on Monday.

  20. Eric,

    Yours are in, that makes 10...


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