Mini-Marathon Trout Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ned Wright, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. I wanted to try something I haven't tied before. I have sort of gotten in a rut of tying the same 2 or 3 patterns, especially streamers, all the time. So I did a little surfing and reading and found an interesting streamer with a little history to it. So I am going to tie up some Blonde Stayner's which is a variation on the Stayner Ducktail. Has a proven track record as a good trout fly in rivers and stillwater. I'm just getting started on them but should finish up shortly. Added a pic of the first one.

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  2. i finished my bent simi seal leeches and they will be in the mail as soon as possible
  3. Robast and Richard Torres,

    Your flies are in. Everything is looking great, I think that puts us at 8 sets of flies in.

    This weekend is the end of your tying time. Flies should be in the mail monday!!!

  4. I finished up today but didn't get to the PO. I will send them off on Monday.
  5. Mine will be in the mail as well monday. Doing an olive bird fur dirt dart.
  6. After being impressed with the the first batch of flies i'm really excited to see the next batch come in!

    Has anyone already thought of their next pattern for March yet?

    I'm going to tie a cut-wing dun pattern, but haven't decided yet whether it's going to be a March brown or a dark olive.

  7. i was thinking of tying some march browns but i havent completely decided yet.
  8. I found a cool hot-butt caddis with a sparkle underwing that has certainly hooked me, but we'll have to wait and see if it hooks fish.
  9. i change my mind, i think i will tie a humpy pattern.
  10. Duns, humpys and caddis... I knew this would be good for my fly box...

    I am thinking parachute something. I need to learn to hackle a post better.

  11. Just checking to see if the flies are in the mail. Looking forward to seeing them all.
  12. I took advantage of the server down-time to finish up my dries. Amazing how productive one can be when their prime procrastination tool is down.
  13. One of our swappers didn't have my address and sent theirs out today when the board came back up. I should see them in a day or two and have them out by the end of the week.

    The flies all look great!

  14. Flies are in the mail. I will have the pics in the gallery tonight.

    Just wanted to mention everyone sent 12 and everyone was on time if the server issues didn't get in the way. Great work!

    Dry flies due three weeks from today! :D

  15. I hate dries. I am the anti dry. Except hoppers in the summer
  16. Mine arrived today. What a great bunch of flies. I know it's still early but Xdog gets my vote for "Best in Show". His crawdad tube fly is amazing!!:thumb:
  17. I agree. Two months running now I have gotten a good scare when I opened them.

  18. This Mini-Marathon Trout Swap is AWESOME!

    Got mine today... I feel like a little boy getting a bunch of new toys! :p

    Gentlemen, again I would like to give high praise to everyones tying skills.

    I have my work cut out on this next batch.

    TIE ON!
  19. Flies are in the gallery.


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