Mini-Marathon Trout Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ned Wright, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    I snuck up on my wife with the crawfish on my hand - she nearly jumped through the roof. She is an aquatic biologist (has spent a fair amount of time around crayfish) and was amazed at how good that fly is.
  2. Eric Tarcha

    Eric Tarcha gear whore

    all the ties are great, awesome flies gents! Thanks for the quality work.
  3. recieved the flies today, my dad really liked how realistic some of them were.
  4. Ron Eagle Elk

    Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

    Folks, I've been keeping an eye on this swap and your turning out some really great flies. Well done all around.

  5. riseform

    riseform Active Member

    That's high praise, and although I'm a participant, I have to agree. Excellent streamers everyone! Thank you.

    I was the last member to join this swap, primarily as an unrequested favor to OMJ to retard Mumbles post count on at least one thread, but am I ever glad I did.
  6. Eric Tarcha

    Eric Tarcha gear whore

    Put good use to some of the nymphs from this swap today on the Yak. Bullwhacker's Sparkle Stone was the favorite of the day catching numerous whities and a couple of really nice bows!

    Bull, I would love the recipe if you wouldn't mind posting or PM to me. Trying to figure out the rear end material (larva lace?)...
  7. Bullwhacker

    Bullwhacker Member

    Great to hear, I was worried it wasn't stacking up agaist what I was getting. Some great flies! The Sparkle Stone has been a great producer in march and april for me. Recipe is as follows:

    #10 TMC 3761 w/ 1/8" Tung Bead
    Tail: Dark Goose Biots
    Ab: Copper Brown Sexi-Floss w/ Thin Flashabou Rib
    Wing Case: Thin Skin with Flashabou Strip
    Thorax: Dark Dubbing Blend (Lots of UV)
    Legs: Dark Partridge
    Optional: Epoxy the Flashabou to the Thin Skin

    I think that is it.

    Great work on the streamers guys!
  8. Ned Wright

    Ned Wright New Member

    OK, guys, let hear some chatter....

    Hey batter, batter, EHC batter....

    Hey batter, batter, divided wings batter....

    batter, batter, batter midge batter batter.....
  9. riseform

    riseform Active Member

    I'm just going to slap a single toward the gap in right field...not a home run, but it's guaranteed to score the guys on second and third. Size 18 or 20 BWO "dead on arrival" cripple dun. My preferred BWO pattern over a sparkle dun primarily because I can see it better. Works in spring and again in fall. It's caught fish on spring creeks, tailwaters and here on the Yakima. Technically, it could qualify as an emerger pattern, but I honestly don't fish high riding dries anymore unless I'm in really fast water.
  10. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

  11. just finished up my dries, ill have them sent out monday. i also realized i should get a chair in my room for fly tying, kneeling at my fly tying "desk" (18"x18" nightstand) is starting to get tiring on my knees.
  12. Ron Eagle Elk

    Ron Eagle Elk Active Member


    Just finished two days of tying at the Albany, Oregon Fly Tying Expo. Sitting in that plastic chair for two days, tying and talking about flies makes me appreciate the nice comfortable chair I have in my home tying area. I may never leave home without it.

  13. Ned Wright

    Ned Wright New Member

    Hey guys,

    Dries are due soon. Please don't make me dig. I got rif'ed from my job today and have better things to do then chase down flies on the internet.

    While I would love to be chatting about dry fly wings my days are now more about resumes and such....

    While I was going to put some energy into the MVP, I imagine that we will be looking at a gift card to a local fly shop. We have about $105 and a few are still unaccounted for.....

    Still good prize...
  14. twinlakesleach

    twinlakesleach MurkyLurker

    Sorry to hear that Ned. Hopefully you find work soon. Doing a great job on this swap!!

    Looking forward to seeing the next batch of flies.

  15. i will have my flies out tomorrow probably, thursday at the latest.
  16. Bullwhacker

    Bullwhacker Member

    Good luck with the job search Ned.

    I just looked at the calendar and realized the 25th is next week. I'm on the road this week so mine will be in the mail Monday morning. I hope everyone is fine with a standard bullet head skwala, because that is what my fly box needs for the weekend.
  17. xdog

    xdog Active Member

    My dry's are done and I will try to get them in the mail today or tommorow. I am going to try to post a picture. I am eager to see everyones patterns.

    Tight lines gentlemen,

  18. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    I'll mail mine today
  19. Islander

    Islander Steve

    I'm finishing up mine today and will mail them tomorrow.

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