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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jack Devlin, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Every now and then, I go through my waste materials box and tie up a bunch of Mini Streamers from all the bits and pieces. The dime in the photo is for GAT.
    Jack View attachment 36963
  2. Great looking little streamers, Jack !!!! The dime looks pretty good too....
  3. I need to learn how to tie
  4. yes you do
    if your are remotely artistic you will find it very enjoyable - plus you can fish any fly - right away - once you learn how to tie it
    also a great diversion when you're not fishing - for whatever reason
  5. Making money on flies ain't bad either! Once you get good, you can maybe sell them to a local fly shop or store.
  6. once you get good
  7. It just takes practice and a lot of flies
  8. Very nice streamers!
  9. most fly shops go through flies in the tens of thousands. You might be better off making earings and hairclips for the girls at your highschool if your looking at making money off them.
  10. Hey Jack, is that a badger hairwing in the lower right corner? looks pretty sweet, I wonder how it looks under water.
  11. Funny thing is that the "once you get good" only applies to the consumers buying them, the fish are less picky. ;). If you can tie "hella" fast and clean and durable you may be able to make a few pennies! :D
    I realize that when I was "a fly buyer" before I tied my own, my selection had lots to do with what looked good to me at the moment. Sadly I still have some of those (nearly $3) flies that have yet to be fished and probably never will be fished due to my lack of confidence in them. But I bought them at the moment b/c they looked so good.
    Now most of the stuff I tie is minimalist, doesn't look impressive but they friggin work! :)
  12. I mean selling flies to a small store Pat. I live in a small town, and there's very few fly fishers who live here.
  13. Hi Pat,
    Yes, a LLAMA tied with Badger instead of Woodchuck. Badger hair is really nice. I had been tying some LLAMAS with woodchuck but I had only a small patch of very short hair so I tried some badger I found in the waste box from earlier experimenting for sw patterns.
    The LLAMA is a pattern from the 70's. Eric Leiser, New York. A fly I think will work just about anywhere. View attachment 37056

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