Minolta MD lens & Olympus OM Camera?

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  1. My nephew is an avid videographer(?), he recently took a film photography class that he really enjoyed. I loaned him my old Olympus OM-1 system and a couple books on the zone system. I recently found a Minolta 35mm film camera his father had given to me, it's junk but has a nice 50 mm f1.4 MD series lens. Is this lens interchangeable to the OM-1 or is there an adapter available? I thought someone on this forum may know.
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    hi, Minolta MD mount and Olympus OM will not be compatible. The best you could hope for is an adapter for the Minolta lens to a screw mount and then screw to the Olympus OM but it would be Macro only and not focus anywhere near infinity and all function on the lens-aperture etc.. would be manual and not auto anything.
    hope that helps
  3. Thanks, it was a long shot. It just seems like a shame to not use the f1.4 for avalible light & DOF capabilities that digital lenses just can't match (in a reasonable price range).