Minter Creek Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by South Sound, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Lets break up the long thread into specific reports on each area. Any Minter Creek Reports?
  2. thought minter does not open til Nov 1st?
  3. Peter, not sure, but today is November 3rd on my calendar!
  4. bust out the treble hooks...

  5. Sorry dude, for some reason I thought we were still in October! Man my BDay is coming up too, getting old!bawling:
  6. Where you having your fly fishing get together/birthday party? Toys Topless?
  7. I'm going to venture out there Tomorrow... Along with a couple other spots.
  8. Slow... I say some fish milling around down low when the tide began to recede. I did go up to the hatchery hole and witness the illegal activity...:beathead:

    Put this number is your phone before you go. WDFW Poacher Hotline
  9. yeah i don't even look up there

    fished the lower section @ sunset saw a few fish

    caught a bush
  10. Jeb, Jenna, GW or George?
  11. hopefully this rain will push some more in but i got into a couple the other day cuz i had an hour to kill haha
  12. yeah this rain is going to push me back into bed sheesh
    some nice pods moving in @sunset last night
    poachers did an egg run two nights ago
    50 plus stripped slabs in the bushes
    heard one jackass kept a native silver too
    oh well ill be there this evening
  13. hey its getting busy at minter
    i need some back up
    30 dudes and me the only ff er
    i did manage to clean up a lot of garbage
    i like malt liquor as much as the next guy
    but sheesh
    the joys of living in the 884
  14. Any numbers showing up with the rain.
  15. Fished Minter yesterday from noon to dark. Not yet many fish. Not much action (high tide was in the middle of the day) until just before dark then there was quite a few pods moving in. I had one on for a few minutes and hooked a couple of more but there just weren't many biters in this lot. I was trying to float over the top of the incoming fish. Don't think it will get good for a couple of more weeks. Oh yeah there was probably 50 people there most of which were right next to the hatchery.
  16. hit minter and the water looked like sewer water. chico was lame as well, I think I'm gonna give up on chum for the year, I'm sure rivers are done as well for chum. I'm going to focus on SRCs..:thumb:
  17. PP, don't give up man, don't ever give up.
  18. I wouldn't give up on the chum yet, the runs are just getting going and don't usually peak in the area till later this month/ early December, most of the small streams around there will be getting some sort of run. Giving up on snagfest fisheries like chico and minter though I can understand...
  19. I went today and was the first and only one there, for a while at least. It was nice and got a few to turn to the fly with a few fish landed, until the idiots rolled in and started swearing and trying to hit one another in their cars in front of a few families with small children. Oh natural selection is not fast enough sometimes. What is it about meatheads that they yell all the time and never really do anything. I know I will not bring my daughter to a crazy place like Minter to learn fishing ethics. I tried to get down away from the crowds and went down near the mouth. Anyway after that the tide dropped and there were very few fish and mud quicksand flats. Nothing.
  20. I fished around the area and drove to Purdy and watched the Indians sein the entire channel at purdy! All that work for roughly 30 Fish.I would assume it is slow at Minter since they are not netting down there...

    I got 3 SRC's today chasing a school up and down the beach. Chums jumping deep and the Cutties in close. 10' off shore close.

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