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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by South Sound, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Ok guys, think Thanksgiving for Minter. So you're close to the good runs coming in. I used to drool over the fish for years being the UPS driver out on KPN. But I'll tell you from what I learned years ago when they first opened it up for chum fishing. They wanted the chums out. And I've noticed each year the runs got less and less. It is a small pit, and LOTS of private property. So be careful where you step. Chums are a hearty fish, so doubt they'll eradicate them completely. But know when they first opened it they did it in October. Problem, tons of silvers there at that time too. Lots of guys trying to bonk silvers, why the opener switched to Nov 1st. But know I'd PURPOSELY volunteer to work the day after Thanksgiving (that Friday is a paid holiday for UPS drivers, but we have a special air run at OT pay) so I could fish Minter on my lunch break. I wanted fresh chums for the smoker, and I'd always catch at least 1 or 2 chromers (or near chromers) around that time in my hour lunch. But would catch a couple ugly ones too. Key is to fish the incoming tide, at least half way through. DO NOT fish it at low tide!!!! That's where the freak fest comes out, and the snaggers chase fish. Purely disgusting. Funny how I was confronted by a person who was a member of one of these boards (I do believe he had an account here too), said chum didn't bite, and gave me a hard time for using my fly rod. Caught 1 on a dry right in front of him with another board member from here nearby. Was great. But I didn't need to actually see them, just fished spots I knew they'd be. Caught more then the rest (and mine weren't snagged).

    It's a great fishery if you just want to put fish on the bank, but it's not my cup of tea. It's literally a hatchery hole, which is where the worst of the worst go, since they know they can shoot ducks in a barrel. Why I bypass the same type holes up on the Satsop, Bogie, Hump, and a few other rivers I know that hatchery holes exist.
  2. troutaholic

    troutaholic Member

    Fished from 2 to 6pm from the mouth to the bend from low tide on. One had one take on a purple and pink flash fly. Foul hooked a few in the evening despite my best efforts. Doesn't seem to be as many biters as last year. Not yet anyway. I threw every color including black. I fished with a drift,with a retrieve- standing on one foot. Didn't matter. The weren't interested. I cast in front of hundreds of fish some I could even see. They were spooky but I wasn't where everyone else was and the fish were really fresh. Still no takers except one poor blind ( I think he was swimming with a seeing eye dog) stupid buck who probably ran into my fly totally by accident. Oh well better luck next week maybe :)
  3. South Sound

    South Sound Member

    Anyone been in a while. Are they in thick or sporatic?
  4. Ringlee

    Ringlee Doesn't care how you fish Moderator Staff Member

    I drove by yesterday. I ton of Cars... I saw some snagging and shady activity. Not a ton of fish at the hatchery intake. It is still early according to the Hatchery staff.

    Went to a beach and got 1 SRC.

    The Indians are netting Purdy heavy, which means there are no fish by Minter.
  5. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    i got into some fish today down by the saltwater but nothing that makes me want to go there more often. a small pink krill shrimp worked for me
  6. troutaholic

    troutaholic Member

    Fished Minter from 1 to 6pm yesterday. Fished down toward the mouth on a falling tide. Lots of fishing moving about right at dark. For awhile there were so many it was almost impossible not to foul hook them. Moved out to where they were more spread out and landed 2 fresh hens that ate my fly. One on a chartreuse sparkle fly another on a black and pink marabou egg sucking leach. Had a few more legitimate strikes. I think they were more aggressive as the sun went down and they felt safer.
  7. Wayne Chan

    Wayne Chan Member

    I was there too yesterday. Caught 2 biters. One was a nice buck that grabbed my popsickel while on the hang down like a steelhead! That was great! The other was an older hen that took it on a dead drift. Some how I wasn't able to hook any in the tails or fins or sides or backs ... Must be too wimpy at hook sets ...
  8. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    i caught like 10 today and snagged 2 on shrimp patterns and comets
  9. Eric Tarcha

    Eric Tarcha gear whore

    so stupid question here, never been to minter and was looking at google maps to check out access to the creek. Can you only park and fish by the hatchery or are there other places to park and walk along the estuary and beach areas to fish?
  10. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    i think a lot of the estuary is owned by the minter oyster company but im not 100% on that. i do know a beach there that is private property but i have permission from the owner
  11. Tony

    Tony Tony

    Park at the hatchery, work your way down as far as you are willing to go, low tide, don't get stuck down low when it comes in, watch out for the mud, very slippery in places with a tendency to suck your shoes right off if not careful, also watch out for the snaggers they tend to get very touchy about their behavior, this is not a place for the faint of heart or people who are easily offended by the total mistreatment of fish.
  12. Eric Tarcha

    Eric Tarcha gear whore

    sounds great:hmmm:

    thanks for the info, i think i will skip Minter
  13. Todd N

    Todd N New Member

    So, just work your way walking the creek? Any probs from property owners ???
  14. MDL

    MDL We work to become, not to acquire.

    I was down in Gig harbor yesterday doing some house hunting and visiting relatives. I drove by Minter and did some browsing from the bridge around low tide. Saw a few snagged fish with the anglers woo-hooing about the fight. It wasn't too crowded, not by AK standards, but not my idea of a good time. I also never had a problem with property owners when I fish down there.
    Tight lines
  15. Todd N

    Todd N New Member

    Well, out of curiosity just took a look at Minter. Gotta say that's some shady looking group out there. A few guys were immediately suspicious when I drove up, acting like I was DFW and trying to cover up their catch. Lotsa other folk looked as though they just got parolled. Probably about 30-40 vehicles out there, guys almost bumping into each other on the creek. Maybe it was the time of day or it being the weekend, but I sure wasn't impressed. :hmmm:
  16. South Sound

    South Sound Member

    I dropped by there today. Lots of nasty fish with guys yelling CROMER. I did have fun watching two snaggers at different times fall into the river/creek up to their necks. Oh karma is there nothing you can't fix. After the carnage I dropped by Docs. Pretty slow.
  17. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    the 3 lines you hear the most down there are "oh thats a chromer" or"oh he will smoke up fine" or "are you gunna keep that?" whenever you land a fish. welcome to my hood, the KP
  18. troutaholic

    troutaholic Member

    Did okay but not great the last few days. Actually got a beautiful pure chrome 9lb Coho on an egg sucking leech ( released). That was kinda unexpected! Also landed about 6 fair hooked chum in the last 3 days. Still not many biters but every now and then one will turn to the fly. Just can't seem to get it dialed in. I think when the crowds die down they might get a little more aggressive. There are still bright chum moving in but not in quite the numbers from last week.
  19. Livetofish_

    Livetofish_ New Member

    Just curious is there still a bunch of chum down there? I am done with finals and im itching to put a slaying on haha. Any info is greatly appreciated. Im also trying to bring a buddy out for his first time at salmon on the fly. Thanks guys
  20. mr. bad example was there maybe 5 days ago, their were some fresh chum mixed in with the dieing.As others have noted, bring your sense of humour.I changed flies about 15 times in 3 hours and fair hooked a couple.