Minter Creek Reports

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by South Sound, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. lankfactor

    lankfactor Mmmmm, beach.

    A guy I know said he hooked into 30 Chum down there in a 3hr sit... he's mentioned this happening a couple times. Possible or impossible?
  2. michaels

    michaels Flogging the water, one beach at a time.

    Well, I'm no math major, but 30 chum in 3 hours would be:
    10 Chum per hour or-
    1 Chum every 6 minutes.

    So in the six minute span he would have cast, play, land and release each fish, for three hours straight. Not to mention occasionally tying on a new fly since surely one fly wouldn't stand up to the abuse of those canine like teeth. possible. You should believe everything you hear. :rofl:
  3. Livetofish_

    Livetofish_ New Member

    Well today was awesome, just as good as black friday. There were fewer fish but still had a ton of fun. I probably landed at least 40 probably more. Even picked out about 5 chromers but only kept one. The bummer of the day was having my 7 weight snap in half on a fish. It broke below the ferrel bawling: It was a 7/8 weight st croix and absolute beautiful rod. I have had it for 6 year now, but oh well hopefully i can get it replaced. All in all it was great just me and my buddy all day long in solitude. I dont even want to know how many we hooked and lost haha. We had many many doubles and crazy chinese fire drills. It was a good trip once again.

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  4. yellowlab

    yellowlab Active Member

    Great to see that there are some fresh ones out there. I haven't fished it before but looks like it put a smile on your face. Good job.
  5. lankfactor

    lankfactor Mmmmm, beach.

    Well hey, maybe he's a Superman Fly Fisher! Apparently LivetoFish landed 40+... although we don't know how long he was out.

    Good work.

  6. rotato

    rotato Active Member

    is it getting more mellow down there?
  7. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    theres a lot less people now. i pass it everyday on my way back from school and there seem to be a lot less cars. might go down tomorrow just cuz i have nothing else to do
  8. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    I'd hit it up but I have no chum flies (just kidding Zach M).
    One chum every six minutes...BS flag!
    40+ chum in one outing...possible BS flag or STUD to be able to handle that kind of fishing pressure. I've caught 12-15 a few times, pretty long outings, pretty long fights, pretty sore everywhere the next day, two or three.

    Sounds like some awesome numbers though, even if they are being streeeetched a bit.
  9. In livetofish photos , All I see is spinning gear, so it mite be flossible. all in all it sounds like a good day
  10. kjriversinlet42

    kjriversinlet42 New Member

    I went down there a few weeks ago and it was a joke! lots of fish to catch, but gorilla fishing at its finest...guys down there throwing lines over each other with trout poles. a mess. the fishing was pretty good out towards the mouth of the creek.
  11. Livetofish_

    Livetofish_ New Member

    haha well after i snapped fly fly rod in half i changed over to my back up spinning rod. You can even see the fly rod in the pic. But yeah it was a good day to say the least. Best of all no one was there.
  12. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    mumbles i caught about 30 about a week ago
  13. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Zach M, a week, in an hour, in a day? I'm sure that some people can really haul in fish in a flash, but I think someone's math calculated it out to a fish landed every six minutes. I vote that chum are better battlers than that. If I'm wrong then that dude is a stud or left freaking exhausted. Were you tired after thrity? I got into about 15 or so once on the D-something. Lost plenty too. Left whipped. Always eager to return for another crack at a day like that.
  14. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    30 in about 4 hours. well the creek isnt very big so 6 minutes is about average for my battles unless its a beast. I hooked up every 2 or 3 casts
  15. yellowlab

    yellowlab Active Member

    Is that why under your name is the key to this: "Because I floss so hard" Give those Chum a break... they have enough pressure from the commercials, natives and the melee. Sounds like alot of penis envy with the big numbers. Who cares??!?! If you want to see something thoroughly disgusting, go to the Quilcene on high Coho season. I witnessed a native bank over 40 Coho from the river, he'd be pulling them in backwards and bonking them left and right. WHY???!!! Because of his right to do so, or really subsistance fishing.
  16. Livetofish_

    Livetofish_ New Member

    I have a question for youguys , do you think it would be worth it to go to minter tomorrow? The hatchery went from 4000 to 17000 fish from last week. I wonder if they all went up in the hatchery. Thanks, I'm deciding if its worth going tomorrow
  17. Zach M

    Zach M Because I floss so hard

    the "because i floss so hard" is actually from a rap song by the cool kids which has nothing to do with fishing at all. it basically means im 16 and like music. and personally i freaking hate minter so what your saying has no relevance to me. i only fish minter if im on my way home and its to wet to skate or i have no plans that day. no penis envy here just stating a simple fact that i caught 30 fish. have fun catching 3 ill stick with 30 i guess:thumb:
  18. Jake Bannon

    Jake Bannon nymphs for steelhead....

    Catching 30 or so fish is possible at minter but its not a place for the more "purist" of fly fisherman or other ethical fisherman. You will see people of ALL sorts down there snagging, flossing, fishing (yeah, I was suprised too) with 3ft rods, broken rods, snoopy rods, stick rods (witnessed one time)...ect Its a definition of a "circus". When a lower tide forms it becomes a small creek with "holes" the size of bathtubs no more than 25ft long. The water is almost black with chums and there are 12 different guys casting into them, lines crossed everywhere and lead flinging around like bullets. (buddy got hit right under the eye this year.....has worn sunglasses ever since.) Alot of fish hooked in the mouth are most likely flossed but if one goes down there on a really high tide when the fish are more scattered then it becomes "fishing". Ive been down a couple times and got fish to bite early in the morning on a high tide so its definitly possible, and on a higher tide the people thin out due to the fact that a lot of people down there dont own chest waders so they are out of luck. :thumb:
  19. Peter Pancho

    Peter Pancho Active Member

    with all the rains and wind, I'm sure the water will be mud again with 1/4" of visibility.
  20. troutaholic

    troutaholic Member

    I was at Minter last Sat. Very few fish left. I did have a chum pick up my fly in low water. A very rare experience since I could actually see the take. Other that that nada.