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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by DEREK, Dec 13, 2004.

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    I have a bunch of odds and ends. Trying to clean out my fishing room.

    I have a couple scott rods for sale:

    9' 10 weight S3S four piece. Nice travel rod. Has been used $300

    9' 4 weight two piece S3. Very nice trout rod thats seen little use. $225

    SA Reels:

    Scientific anglers concept large arbor 5/6. Model 56LA. This is an inexpensive large arbor disc drag reel. Like new. $25

    Scientific Anglers system 78. This is a standard arbor 7/8 reel with a very solid disc drag. The reel has been used and has some scuffs. $50

    Scientific Anglers Mastery series 6/7. A very nice reel that has been used very little. $100

    Outcast pontoon boat fins. Don't really need two sets of these. $15 would be a good deal on a nice set of fins.

    Pair of size 9 womens boots. Would work for a youth as well. These are orvis battenkills or something like that. Solid genuine imitation leather. $25

    Scotty fly rod holder with solid vise clamp. Great to have for a boat. The c-clamp is an extra device that the fly rod holder mounts on. I think the rod holder was $30 and the c clamp was $30 as well. All the scotty devices will mount to the c clamp. $30

    I have pics of most stuff.

    Email me.
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    I sent you a P M
  3. DEREK New Member

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    The 5/6LA and 78 reels are sold.
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    I'm interested in the women's wading boots. What kind of shape are they in?
    How old are they?
    thanks for your time!
  5. DEREK New Member

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    They are older boots, but have only been used a few times.