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  1. I have too many old lines lying around. One I know is an old intermediate stillwater line that still sinks, but way up into the line (maybe 50') I had to splice it back together. The orange one is a little used 4wt line that I never liked, one of the greenish ones, the older one is a 4wt line that needs a cleaning bad, and the last green one is an old 6wt line. The darker line is full sink of some kind, I can't tell you the type. I couldn't tell you the brands of the last four.

    The other line is an 8wt spey line with a sinking line section attached. I know this line is an expensive line (I took to a shop for appraisal), but I don't see myself using it at all.

    If you want all the lines, I'll sell them all to you for the low price of $60. Otherwise I'll take $10 for the Stillwater line $30 for the Spey line and $5 a piece for the other lines.

    I don't want to ship these, but I will if needed but you'll have to pay shipping. I would also rather do a face to face with cash, but I'll do paypal, but again you pay the fees.

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  2. Come on, these are great prices.

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