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    I am listing a few different items here. Mainly looking for trades but did put prices on the items. Mainly looking for a 6,7 wt Spey rod- sage, Meiser, Beulah. And a 4,5 wt switch rod of the same makers. Or a sage bass rod. Will listen to all offers though. If you want pics, just PM me.

    Sage RPLXI 990-3. This stick is in great shape except for a chip out of the cork on the bottom of the full wells grip. $150 shipped. No tube or sock. PM for pics of cork.

    Galvan Torque T-8 silver. I literally just bought this reel this week, I forgot I have an Everglades that I wanted to use instead. Just 5 little marks on the rim. Great shape. Selling for what I paid for it. $265 shipped.

    Abel Super 5 black gloss. Just a little rock rash. Rest of the reel is tight. Comes with a WF6F line of some sort. Don't know what condition line is in. $315 shipped.

    Simms Wheatley fly box with the picture of the brook trout on it. Never used. $50 shipped

    Rio mainstream 6wt full sink line. Used but in great shape. $25 shipped

    SA Lefty Kreh WF7F line. Good used shape. $20 shipped

    Rio 6wt line. Not sure which model. Good shape. $20 shipped

    40 packets of dubbing. All colors, all makers, all different types. $40 shipped

    Let me know if you have any questions.
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    message sent on the unknown Rio
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    7110 traded away.
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    Any trade offers? Just don't use these items and am looking for something I may use. Thanks