Article Mississippi river mayfly hatch is insane!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by RogueBum, Jul 22, 2014.

    Doubt that my little #14 adams will have much luck.
  2. Yeah, talk about lost in the fray!
  3. You could see the hatch on radar!!!! One of the fly fishing FB pages I like had the radar view of it posted this am
  4. Amazing, and not too very far from me - I've fished near Viroqua, about 4 hours from my house.
  5. I lived in LaCrosse during the 1980's. Those hatches were/are incredible. Used to ride a motorcycle a lot and got caught in them every year...very slippery. The bridge from LaCrescent to LaCrosse almost put me on the ground several times. Helmets weren't required back then...but they should have been during the mayfly hatches. I'd have to pull them out of my nose, mouth, ears...everywhere you can imagine. Lots of fish food there!
  6. Can we say "FAT TROUT"?
  7. Wow.... can you imagine what trout are thinking in a situation like that? Looks like a perfect script for one of Gene's cartoons.
  8. "You can always tell a happy rider by the amount of bugs in his teeth" ;)
    If that's true then you must have been really happy those days!
  9. Every dry fly fisherman has known the frustration of waiting on the water for an expected hatch, for hours...sometimes for days. We don't need hatches of Biblical proportions; usually a dozen or so emerging insects within casting range will attract fishy attention. And your fly won't get lost among the numberless hordes.
  10. Years ago, I saw a slide show of some river in southern Oregon that has a massive gray Drake hatch that was like that (on a smaller scale, I'm sure), where there were literally king-sized bed sized rafts of spinners floating down the river. How do you even attract a fish with a fly in those conditions?
  11. sweet lord thats unreal!!
  12. What species of mayfly is that? Is it a Hex?
  13. There are no...or very few trout in the Mississippi, maybe a few browns hanging out at cold water confluences. It's a warm water fishery. There are however plenty of spring creek tribs with trout that flow into the big Miss. in the Vernon, Crawford county areas of Wisc. (and many more counties I'm sure), same on the Minnesota side but I doubt those hatches fatten up the local trout much at all...mostly bluegill bait.

    Paul, for the bikers I think it's a Vex hatch.
  14. D Y N O M I T E!
  15. Most of those southern Wisconsin, Minnesota spring creeks also have those massive mayfly hatches (yes I believe they are hexes). They hatch during the hours of darkness and there can be epic brown trout fishing; especially after a couple days of hatches where even the largest of the browns are out and about looking for easy meals.
  16. I'm sure you're correct Curt but I never fished at night and never saw the remains of mayflies on the spring creeks I frequented. Those nocturnal browns rarely feed on bugs, think they liked their own progeny better...but I suppose it's their choice, when the choice exists.

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