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  1. It’s Friday afternoon and after a long work week I’m chomping at the bit to get the hell out of town and hit the road to Helena. Allen AKA ‘Westslope’ coordinated the trip and hooked us up with his buddy Pat Straub who would be our guide for the weekend. Allen, Kit and Don pick me up at 1:00 PM and we’re off to Big Sky Country. We reach Helena at 11:00 PM and it’s time to start drinking. Not sure what time we passed out but needless to say I was slow the next day. Who cares I’m in MT and going pig huntin.

    We meet in Craig and it’s time to get our float on. Don and Kit hit the river with Pat the first day and Westslope and I hit the river with Mike who was a stud on the oars. Doubles, singles, we stuck fish all day. Saw deer, eagles, bighorn and humping muskrats on the bank going at it multiple times. We didn’t catch one single rocky mountain bonefish all day. That is till the end of the day with the launch in site… My rod buckles and there is Mr. Whitie to taint the 30 some trout day. It’s all good because we had a phenomenal day on the river.

    After the float drank beers shot the shit and ate some grub at Isaaks. On our way back to Helena that night we were all so exhausted we passed out.

    Woke up the next morning feeling a lot better and hit the river around 11:00 AM. Decided I’d go fishing with the 4wt and that’s when Pat puts me into some big browns sipping bugs in about a foot of water. After several failed attempts this has got to be the money float and next thing you know my line stops and Pat says “SET THE HOOK” that’s when I felt the fish. I knew which ever fish it was it was big because we were site casting. At this point the big brown doesn’t know he’s hooked yet. When he does he has my Ross Colorado 1 singing! No fancy drag on this reel just bare bones along with the 4wt. Finally get him close to the boat and we miss him with the net. This pisses him off because then he takes off again then roles and wraps himself up in the line. Finally we get to the bank and land him. I’m stoked!!! A big male brown! Snap a couple pics throw in a dip and were back on the river.

    Just when I didn’t think it could get any better it does. We’re sight casting to fish and Allen is in the front of the boat owning it. He lands a nice brown that sends him into the backing shooting to the other side of the river. We caught a few more fish and it’s getting toward the end of our float. Pat positions us near the bank as we approach a big cliff that shoots straight out of the water. I position my indicator so it’s kissing the wall that’s when it disappears… I set the hook thinking it’s a whitie while my line is shooting for the depths. Whatever this is it’s heavy and isn’t moving. When I finally put some stick to it Allen says “it’s bigger then the last one” that’s when I’m thinking I need to get a look at this. Finally, I see her and she’s a big brown. We land her and I’m hootin and hollering. Got a couple pics off and realized I may never have a trip like this again…

    We wake up Monday morning and reluctantly start the drive back to WA. Not a bad couple days on the Mo.


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  2. Great report & sweet pics! Sounds eerily familiar to all my trips to MT.
  3. Not bad. I mowed the grass this weekend... and something else really cool..... just give me a few minutes to think of it.....

    ....i'll get back to you.....
  4. Looks like we floated some of the same water this last weekend. It truly was a great couple of days on the water. Glad you had a nice visit.
  5. Okay, who WAS NOT on the Missouri last weekend?

    We floated Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (burgandy colored Ro Skiff.) You didn't miss too much on Friday - we caught some nice fish, but it was by far the windiest day I've experienced in 18 years of fishing that river. OTOH, Saturday turned out to be one of the more memorable days on the Mo'. Beautiful day, little wind, lots of wildlife, and best of all...LOTS of big trout. The caddis were thick in the lower canyon, and we stalked some real bruisers from the bank. Matched my biggest Missouri brown to date, a 23-incher, but this guy was "better" because I stalked him and caught him on a dry - an iris caddis.

    I decided to shoot video this trip so I regret not having the great photos like you guys posted, but OTOH, I captured some pretty cool stuff. Shot some great footage of a brownie feeding relentlessly in an eddy - before one of my buddies caught him. My friend Jerry, who owns the Trout Shop (BTW, looks like you were patronizing the "wrong" shop :) ) posted my video to his web site:

  6. Amen to that Calvin! Did you chuck streamers? There were a bunch of boats on the water so we waited till about 11:00AM before we started the float which worked to our benefit.

    Cool video creek! I’m having flashbacks of big trout lazily sipping bugs. Goddard Caddis was our dry of choice but we roped others on various dry’s. We also stocked some of the feeding fish. BTW, we hit up both shops and hit up Isaak’s (sp)? for food and drink afterwards. The waitress liked my humping muskrat story :D
  7. Nice report Dennis!! And very cool video CreekX! I'm sure i'll be out there sometime this summer!
  8. I wasn't feeling really athletic, so I didn't throw a streamer all weekend. We were primarily pulling over and nymphing the obvious runs. We floated on Sunday below Mountain Palace and the odd thing was that we were picking up 9 to 1 Rainbows vs. Browns. Typically, the lower sections of the river are thought of as the Brown Trout water.

    No complaints here. I'm travelling the next two weekends, and then camping up in Craig the weekend of the 25th, and drinking at Joe's Bar. The river should be fishing really well, and I might even tie on a dry fly!!
  9. nice report and nice pictures.
  10. It must of been the week to do the MO.

    David and I were on the water all week M-F. The Caddis had not started hatching from the dam down to Craig, but the lower river from Pelican down to Cascade was awsome. We would key on feeding fish and toss drys to them. When you see the water boil, set the hook. Way to much fun. This place is like an adult trout pond.

    The ramp at Cascade has been reciently rebuilt, so if it's not a windy day, there are some good fish to be had in the lower section. The best for us was from Mountain Palace to Pelican. Nymphs-drys-droppers all worked. We had 15 fish from MP to Prescott. We saw many of the locals do this run (1.4m) starting at 6pm.

    On thursday evening those that were on the river got a spring time treat to about 1 1/2 or rain in 30 minutes plus green pea sized hail. We were just walking into Roses when it starting coming down. Those that were still on the water in the canyon got pummeled and there were several boats still out.

    Biggest was a 22 inch Brown on a S16 PT under a March Brown, but the best brown almost spooled me up stream on a S18 Red CJ. Man he took off. All of the Bows had sholders.

    PS, on the way back on Saturday, some guy passed me on Hyw 12 on a BMW Bike, heading West. ??
  11. [​IMG]

    This is my first attempt at putting pictures in a post, but this fish was caught on the lower section with a streamer. The streamer fishing was great this past weekend, and there were others of this caliber caught as well. If the picture experiment goes well, I'll try to post a couple of others as well.
  12. Damn Calvin those are some gaggers! Nice pics! Looks like you cleaned up on streamers :thumb:
  13. holy shit dennis that brown is a beast! nice pics and report, i'm jealous
  14. Great pics guys. I am jealous. I was back there last year at this time and had a blast as well. a great time to be on the river and some big fish too. looks like the weather was good for throwing buggers. It has got to be one of my favorite ways to catch browns.
  15. The Missouri is totally over rated, those pictures are obvious fakes......and there are no trout in the river in that area, only walleye, sauger, and the occasional sturgeon. Yes, this is the truth, believe me, go to the Madison and Yellowstone, they aer where the fish are.....:rofl: This is not the river you want to fish......

    (what is the symbol for Jedi Mind Tricks?)

    It has been an awesome spring season....
  16. Yeah, don't go there.. no, just don't do it!! Totally photoshopped minnows... yeah, photoshopped minnows.. nothing big in there!! :clown: Stay in WA.. Rocky Ford and Beaver Lake rock!!!
  17. "nice beaver"
    "thanks I just had it stuffed"
    Naked Gun

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