mixed bag

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Gary Thompson, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Another beautiful weekend in the basin for ducks and roosters.
  2. Those look like nice roosters!! Very nice mixed bag.

    I was out this weekend and my mid-season breakdown occured- I can't seem to shoot anything and my dog wants to chase birds without regards to range.

    Every weekend other than this one I've had limits everyday. This weekend: zero. Spent shells: many. :beathead:
  3. i know that spot :)
  4. Evan, ya keep it to yerself then.
    CWUGirl, I have found myself doing the same thing, (missing easy shots). All it takes is a change of jacket, hat, some little change.
    Time to throw some clay and get yer eye on again.
    It took good dog work to get those roosters, as for the dumb ducks, it should have been six for six not three for six.
  5. no worries, i don't share things of that nature. i grew up only a few miles from there, and my dad farms a lot of that land around there. your secret is safe with me
  6. LOL... me too.
  7. CWUGirl...ditto! five visits to the release site Libby has flushed 7 birds to date; of which two dropped, one ended up in the mother of all black berry bushes and the other in the 'pot'. Two birds flushed out of range or through trees. Two I should have no excuse for not hitting, although one of which was lucky due to my new o/u malfunctioning. The seveth...well lets just say I was low holed...and did not dare take the shot in fear of scalping the moron who 'jumped' me.

    BTW - I know that place as well...although can you refresh my memory if it was a right turn or left turn off that main road...which I can't remember! :clown:

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