mixed information on deschutes fly choice

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by liltanker32, Sep 24, 2013.

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    so I have been getting allot of mixed information and I am hoping some of you can help. I have picked up the bug on steel head and put the trout rods away. I am hooked on the Deschutes now but I need some help. Im not sure what flies to throw at what times of the day. Do I go smaller wet patterns on a dry line in the morning along with skating? Mid day do I switch to a skagit and some t-11 and big intruder? What color, seems to me Ive found most of my pulls on some version of purple. Totally confused and looking to try and clear this up so I have start hooking up on some fish.

    Thank you in advance for all of the advice
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    By thend of this thread, every size and type of fly will be suggested. If it is me, ill start with a intermediate tip (clear slow sinking one) and a small tube conhead fly in the AM. I like yellow and orange mixed, always have. Worked last time. But purple gets a lot of tugs, and its hard to beat a Freight Train or Green Butt Skunk (size 6-8, larger if the water is dirty...i have no fear of large flies.

    Im 100 milesfrom being and expert on the D.
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    sweet, thank you for the input. every bit of it helps.
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    Green Butt, Freight Train, Purple Peril. Smaller as the water clears and the sun rises, which will likely not happen. I have always had the best luck with those 3 patterns with smaller size.
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    If I were heading to the Deschutes I would take my "summer run" fly box. In it are many size 6 Spades, mostly plain, but a half dozen or more green butt versions and orange bucktail versions, plus some on size 8 and a few on size 8 low-water style. There are other flies in the box too, mostly dark, i.e. black or purple, but a few odds and ends in other colors. That way no one can say I only fish the Spade, but I usually do.

    Do you think those fish actually care what fly pattern you use? I don't, but they can be partial to general sizes and shades.

    If you go to the Deschutes and have no flies other than size 6 and 8 Spades, with a few in green butt, you'll have all the flies you need. And you won't be confused and wondering what fly to use. As for mid-day offerings, I have no advice other than that mid-day is a good time to sit back in a shady place, drink some beer, take a nap, and wait for the sun to leave the water.

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    1. call a local fly shop and make sure the river is in shape.
    the kind of weather we are having tends to put the Deschutes out. warm rain on a dirty glacier turns the river to mud and the crowds intensify above the white river.

    2 if the river is in good shape then any steelhead fly in any size will work. mornings and evenings will be the most effective. I am a firm believer in resting during mid day. I think if everyone took a break in the afternoon the fishing would be better in the evening.

    don't stress over what flies to fish just go and enjoy the river
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    any color as long as its purple.

    go thru this list (this shop is on the river in Maupin) and pick out a few. when you click on a fly it tells you the time periods and conditions it is ideal. if you have more questions pm me, would be happy to help

    http://www.deschutesangler.com/Flies/Steelhead Wet Flies
  8. Jim B Flyfishin' and homebrewin'....priorities ?

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    Steelhead muddlers and Undertakers...that's pretty much all I use, on a floating line. Once in awhile, a black and blue hairwing. Check with John or Nate at the Deschutes Canyon Fly Shop for water conditions, weather, etc:

    Jim B.
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    pick one you think is real pretty with a real pointy hook. let your confidence in a pattern be your guide. the fish care less than we do.
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    thanks for all of the advice guys, im going out this weekend and im just gonna throw it down and keep having confidence that a fish will grab.
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    Salmo-G nailed it.

    The steelhead don't care what fly you use. Otherwise, gear guys who fish with yarn lashed to a hook would never get a grab since most of the time such lures aren't trimmed into an egg shape, they simply lash the yarn to the hook and trim the ends slightly. Very crude, but they result in hooked steelhead.

    They might be selective to size, but that is debatable too, although I don't use flies larger than a #6 and tend to use a Spade tied on an Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron #7 or #9 when fishing a dark fly in late summer/fall. I carry flies in black, something with a silver, copper, or gold tinsel body, and something in purple (which is usually referred to as a neutral color). But none of them are larger than a #6. Carry and fish some skating flies, again usually #6 and #8 like the Grease Liner and either a Waller Waker or Bomber.
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    "pick one you think is real pretty with a real pointy hook. let your confidence in a pattern be your guide. the fish care less than we do."
    Best advice I ever heard!!! Pay attention to the sticky hook part, because no pattern will be any good if it slips from the fish's mouth.
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    alright so now I'm packing for a trip here. apparently i was wrong and you need about 3044 flies in total and i will probably fish four.
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    ran the wet flies this weekend and hooked up like crazy before the river blew out. sick what happens when you like a pattern.