Miyawaki Beach Poppers

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jfh9, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Anyone know where I can purchase these online? I live in Bremerton and have two small children so it's a bit difficult to make it to the Bellevue Orvis store. I have tried to tie a few but really need the real deal to accurately copy it.

    Thanks, Ryan
  2. Call me tomorrow at the store and I'll see what I can do.

  3. You may also want to check at peninsula outfitters in Poulsbo - they have had some tied from time to time - though with (?) fishair instead of icelandic sheep.
  4. I think I am setup now. I was at Peninsula Outfitters Monday and they didn't have much for poppers. How about NW Angler? Do they have much for poppers? Haven't been out there in a while.
  5. are the tying directions somewhere on this site??? a link perhaps?
  6. That's an old outdated tie. I use a doubled 25lb. Maxima leader to attach the stinger as well as icelandic sheep and gammy hooks. I have posted the tying instructions in the archives of this site, however.

  7. thanks for the link to the other site. i did a search on this site and found nothing about this popper.
  8. Leland,

    Have you experimented with your popper design as a tube fly?? It would seem to offer all the advantage of the original but even less weight (exchange a plastic tube for the body shaft of the first hook which you trim off anyway??). Plus, you wouldn't need to worry about tying the stinger, except as one normally does with a tube fly.

  9. My popper is over 14 years old and I've tried many differents ways of tying it, tubes being one of them. Others on this board have come up with ways to tie floating flies and have posted their recipes.


  10. PM your address and/or fax number and I will send you the instructions.

  11. NW angler hasn't been there for about a year - you somehow missed all the threads guessing what really happened with the new owner.
  12. Check the fly tying section. I posted there.
  13. Thanks to Phil and Leland.

  14. Looks like I'm plumb outta my pink coho poppers and Rainys is two months away from getting my tiers any heads. All I have are the smaller searun poppers.

    Jimmy over at Patrick's should have a lot of coho poppers.

    All you guys out there that have my poppers should be using 0X tippet!

  15. why an ox tippet? won't that scare the fish? thanks
  16. don't want to lose em!
  17. only if the ox refuses to swim...
  18. Hey Steve, out of curiosity I dug up some info on the beach popper and tied this up http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=22745

    Tied a few with white bellies too, but I've found that with poppers one color is generally enough.
  19. I tie all my miyawaki poppers on tubes, it makes things a lot easier both while fishing and while tying.
    Btw: Arctic fox is my favorite material for poppers.

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