Miyawaki Popper Purchase?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Theron, May 11, 2012.

  1. I would like to pick up a couple of Miyawaki poppers for my upcoming trip to Washington. I want to try my hand at SRC. I have a few Puget Sound patterns but would like a few more. Can anyone direct to to a fly shop that carries them? I will be in the Seattle area for a few days and also on the Olympic Peninsula. One of these days I may learn to tie my own flies but for now I have to purchase them.
  2. Try Orvis in Bellevue, where Leland works.
  3. Some local shops carry them, but one I know of carries a knock off that looks cheesy compared the to real deal. Just order some from Orvis and they'll have them out to you.

    If you need anhything when you're on the OP you'll find PT Angler in Port Townsend and Water's West in Port Angeles (Very cool shop!).
  4. I am the fishing manager at Orvis Bellevue. Give me a call today at 425-452-9138.
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  5. I talked with Leland this afternoon and he set my up with a couple of poppers and a clouser minnow pattern. Thanks Leland! I'll send you a picture of that two pound crappie with the Miyawaki in it's mouth.:) Can't wait to try it on the Sound.
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  6. I'm thinking the one he posted with all the chew marks would be worth a serious look!
  7. Leland said this was guaranteed to catch fish. Of course that probably depends on how good a fisherman you are. Hoping to get some teeth marks on it soon.
  8. It must be cool to had made up such a succeful pattern. I hope I can do that one day.
  9. I've been catching nice smallmouth bass on the Columbia with a Miyawaki Popper. This is a great sea-run cutt pattern, and it also works on lots of other fish, especially if you can fish it in some kind of current. My species list for this fly is: Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, roosterfish (caught off a rocky point in Troncones, Mexico), jack Crevalle, Sierra mackerel, sea-run cutthroat trout, brown trout (in the Middle Deschutes River) and skipjack tuna. Too much fun and very addictive....
  10. I have tied and fished Leland's poppers I have caught SRC, Salmon, trout and surf perch. What more can I say
  11. I was thinking it could work for big browns especially in the fall as they get more aggressive. Next time I'm back home in MT I'll have to give it a shot!
  12. Got a nice cutt this morning on a popper. Lost it after a a couple of acrobatic leaps out of the water, but damn those are fun to fish.

  13. I just finished a fantastic late morning with a bunch of searuns over 15 and one that simply took my breath away. It took two massive sideway lunges at the popper. On the second strike he nipped the hook and force of it against the rod threw the popper up and out of the water. It was easily the largest searun I've ever turned. Totally awesome!

  14. I am thinking I need to run to Bellevue all of a sudden before I fish this weekend.......
  15. Poppers are great.

    My one hit this morning, was a pretty agressive boil at the fly, with a miss. I stripped a bit faster and WHAM! I don't think I've ever had a cutt hit a popper that hard, and feel the hit all the way up into the rod.
  17. Gosh, this was king of an old post that got revived. I called Leland at the time I was coming out to Washington and he sent me a couple of poppers and some Clousers. I got the chance to fish both when i was out there. Didn't get anything on the poppers but I did hook up with a couple of the Clousers. I suspect I just need to learn how to properly fish the poppers. Leland gave me some pointers but I still need to figure out the whole process.
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  18. I caught my first and only Cut on popper. Which by the way was my first fish on a fly rod. To see a fish knot the hell out of a fly like he did that popper. Well all I can say it thank you Leland. I hope to hit more soon. I still want to get into a few late run Coho, and a good size Chum.
  19. A good cigar helps.
  20. Yeah,

    I've been wondering why "cigar" isn't included in the tying recipe. Seems like it might be the real trigger there.


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