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  1. So Easter is coming around the corner. I am going to School at UND on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota. My friends have gone to Deluth every Easter to fish steelhead. I have come home and fished Steelhead in Washington. So I am a rookie at the Great lakes fishery. My friends are planning on the Brule. Its 3-4 hours from Grand Forks to the Deluth, MN. Anyone have any recomendations. If there is a better spot that anyone knows, I can drive or possibly fly there.
    Thanks for any info,
  2. i have fished the brule once and it is a sweet river. my buddy on here (michigan guy) is from duluthe and grew up steelheading wisc., minn. and michigan so i will see what he can tell me.
  3. Chirs,
    I fished the Brule when I was in college back there, it was mostly a nymph show, we droped egg patters and did very well. I don't remember much good swing water where we were at. Very nice river, my buddy has a cabin right on it. Good luck, post some picts.

    The women of Duluth are just as fine, built low to ground for farm work. Good luck on both fronts.

  4. My friends just nymph glo Bugs and Standard Nymphs. Last year they said it was cold and slow because Easter was in march. A little early.
  5. my buddy just got back from fishing the salmon river in ny and did well, catching steelies and browns (using stonefly nymphs mostly i think). i dont know if the timing is the same in mn/wi, but sounds like you could be in for a good time.

    catch some big ones and for sure post some pictures


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