Mockery on the Yak?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Prouse, Oct 7, 2002.

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    Well, there I was- blissfully enjoying my Friday away from work- fishing on the Yakima. A driftboat is floating down to me containing three fellow fishermen. One guy however, didn't quite fit the image of your typical flyfisher. Oh, he did have a flyrod and was slapping the water quite expertly with it, and he was wearing waders although they must have been about 4 sizes too large. Not to say that this kind of equipment makes a flyfisher at all by the way...

    What struck me odd about this particular fellow were 2 things. One, he had a fly swatter sticking prominently from his waders. And two, he had on this "on Golden Pond" floppy fishing hat that had a little LCD display on the front. Now, scrolling across this "fishing hat" were some of the the following messages:

    "here fishy fishy fishy"
    "you're getting hungry"
    "do you trust me"
    "why would anyone work for Avnet"

    I sat and watched this guy pull in a few yakima trout in spots both above me and below me. So I have to ask the questions- Did anyone else see this guy or was my agave juice messing with me? Where can I get me one of those hats? :DUNNO
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    That is funny as hell! Chris, Any suggestions for this brother? Since you are the internet using hat finding guru.

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    hehhe, thats a good one :YUM

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    I want to see you up at Chopaka with that Supaphat fro. I can see it now! hahaha