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  1. I have been messing around with tubes and now the warmwater season is nearly here and I wanted to play with some for Bass. I bought some various Cam Sigler popperheads from a forum member and started messing with them yesterday.
    I tied up the original with some sheep hair, schlappen and Marabou but the end result looked chunky in the head and sparse in the back so I made a modular "skirt" to insert in the rear to give it a fuller form. I kind of liked the idea and figured I could tie up some skirts in various colors and swap out as needed.
    Seems like a good look, can't wait to get it out on the water.
    (sorry for the awkward background color)
    Any tips or thoughts would be welcome!

    Skirt off

    Skirt on
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  2. Look at Rapala's lures for inspiration on different color combos, they've done all the research already.
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  3. I think that your original, without the skirt, will be effective. I am more concerned that the skirt will add weight, causing problems when casting and potentially sinking the fly below the surface. The latter would defeat the purpose of the popper head. I expect that when wet, the schlappen etc. will collapse a bit, filling in that core that looks somewhat empty. Minus the popper head, the front plus skirt would be a great subsurface pattern. Perhaps you can tie the front section without the popper head but in such a way that you can slide a popper head over the front section if desired.
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  4. Thanks Pat and Steve, good thoughts on the weight, I made the skirt from synthetic material thinking it would shed water fast during the cast, but your observations are good and I will mess around with both options.

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