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  1. Hey, this compares not with Ropers new smoke pole, but I have a question for the anyone. I have new moles taken residence in my yard and have failed to get rid of them. Any help, suggestions, or advice gladly accepted. Thank you in advance.
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  2. This morning about 8:00am I was in the backyard working on an 1979 14' fiberglass Sears Gamefisher my dad gave me a couple of months ago. Today was to be the "shakedown cruise" after sitting for many years and me putting about 15 hours of work into this thing. Anyway, I hear a shot coming from the front of the house and see the neighbors cat go running through my back yard. I'm like WTF. I walk around front and my neighbor across the street is there and says "sorry about the noise. I was getting my paper and noticed a mole moving dirt in your front yard. I hate those fucking things". He blasted it with his 410. He got a shovel and dug it up and that bastard was dead as a doornail. I thanked him and said my boys need to get out of bed anyway. That didn't get them up however even with all the windows open in the house.
    The "shakedown cruise" was somewhat damped by the starter rope on the outboard breaking before I got it started. I've started that thing about 20 times in the back yard and as soon as I put it in the water the rope breaks.
    I use scissor traps on moles but its a losing battle. An exterminator friend of mine once told me to find their main tunnels and stuff poison worms down there. Haven't tried it yet.
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  3. Timely thread. I trapped my first one yesterday after many attempts. They had set off my trap a few other times but didn't get caught. I think they were getting between the claws before setting off the trigger. This time I put a piece of wood under the trigger that extended out closer to the claws, basically making the trigger wider.

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  4. I've tried putting tin can lids under the triggers but my kill rate is still very poor. I haven't even set any traps this year. I think I'll let my neighbor get them:)
  5. I used some pellets, I will have to look at the brand when I get home if you are interested. I never did find any dead moles but after putting the pellets down they did leave my yard. Now my neighbor has a mole problem...
  6. Attract some Barred Owls into your area... like goats in a blackberry patch!
  7. I have had better luck with the poison worms than the scissor trap. Unfortunately you don't get the confirmed kill like you do with the traps.
  8. Our English neighbor down the street fires up his old lawnmower, puts a hose from the exhaust into the hole, and goes off to read a book. Seems the new mowers don't kick out enough carbon monoxide!
  9. My neighbor uses Juicy Fruit gum with bizarre success.
    Goggle it.
  10. OK, with the squirrels in Spokane, we're talkin` fuel/air bomb here, the poor man's nuclear weapon!
  11. Had a friend once who's yard was immaculate. We were having coffee in his kitchen one morning when he swore and ran out to his garage and then the yard. He emptied the clip on his 9mm into the ground where a mole was pushing up dirt! This is in a nice upscale suburban neighborhood. I don't know if he got the mole because I decided to excuse myself before the cops showed up.
  12. Home Depot sells mole smoke bombs that gas them to death. They smell like hell (so close all the windows in your house) but they work pretty well if you find an active tunnel.

    Funny story, I was Turkey Hunting on some private property up the Teanaway. The old boy who owned the land had the best mole trap ever. It was a 20 ga shotgun strapped barrel facing down on an old pull golf cady. The trigger was hooked to a wire that ran down into the hole with some bait attached. When the mole pulled on the bait it was blasted with some #7s. Not safe around kids but effective on varmints.
  13. Nah, we only used good ol` compound 4-much easier to haul around than a propane cylinder,
  14. I use that stuff, but there's a lot of "replacement moles" around my place that keep moving in. Its not safe for humans to breath the fumes either, so quickly deploy the bomb as directed, fuse-first into the hole, hold your breath before it starts going off, instantly cover the hole with a short block of 2x4, then cover that with dirt...all of this as quickly as possible, trying to not let any of the gas escape.

    I have a spring-powered spike trap, but I need to make the trigger release more sensitive. So far the factory setting is too tight, and the dang thing hasn't worked.
    I have an electronic mole repeller, and that works until the moles finally get used to it.
    I'm going to try the wriggly's gum.
    Once, I was able to spear one that was pushing up dirt (caught in the act!) with a home-made mole spear. It was a long-bladed carving knife taped to a broom handle.

    Cats are useless against moles. I did see the neighbor's aggro Pit Bull dig up a mole and bite it to death. Made my day! the dog got a little too aggro and also bit another neighbor's dog to death, and had to be put to sleep. RIP Belle, I miss ya!
  15. I've got plenty of worms in my compost pile. How do you rig 'em up as "poison worms" without killing em? Inquiring minds want to know about this!
  16. The juicy fruit gum suggestion gave me an idea that might work. Roll up a stick of pink colored gum and work it like a chunk of epoxy putty until its soft enough to shape into the form of a worm.
    Place it in a mole hole and recite the following words: "Here ya go! I brought a nice treat for my little buddy! A fat pink worm! Just for you!"

    Then, as you walk away, mutter under your breath: "I hope you choke on it, you little ratf*#*er!"

    Of course, moles are a lot smarter than steelhead, and this might not work as well as one hopes.
  17. Look up molecat on the internet, thats the best foolproof method to eliminate moles that I have found. I bought mine at Arlington Hardware

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