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    I had a cat that cleared our mole problem out within a month back in Nebraska. My cats now just bring live moles into the apartment. :confused:
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    You are lucky. The moles in my yard build tunnels anywhere from 4" to over a foot underground. The neighbor's cats just poop on the mole hills, but are too lazy to dig after the moles. They like to hunt songbirds, instead.

    With this rain, several new mole hills have appeared in my yard, and this morning it looks like a whole team of them are invading from the overgrown empty lot next door.

    I have concrete walkways and a patio that the moles burrow under, and they create large piles on the edges. I finally figured out how to kill the ones living there:
    I opened a tunnel on one end of my patio, and another on the opposite end that was in-line with another mound that was near to it, but out away from the edge of my patio. I opened the nearby mound. Now I had three open holes.
    I duct-taped a hose extension to my leaf blower and inserted the hose end into the outer hole, and sealed it with dirt. Now I had a blower system ready to go on one end of the tunnel system. I deployed the gas bomb in the middle hole (next to the blower) and quickly covered it up, then turned on my blower. When I saw the fumes coming out of the far hole, I shut off the blower and sealed the far hole.

    I did this in a couple other spots, too.
    That killed the moles, but there seem to be an infinite number of reinforcements ready to invade from the outer perimeters. I suppose that one must have something to fight. My area is unincorporated, and there's no "city hall."
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    I thought the geneva convention prohibited gas warfare ?