Monster Madison brown washed up on bank

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by troutpocket, Aug 30, 2013.

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  2. mega beast!
  3. The words pig and hog are completely inadequate.
  4. submarine...
  5. Stay out of the water, post sign!!!!!!!!
  6. That's kind of a weird, unimpressive looking photo - especially with the elbow in the picture. Anyone have a link to a better picture?
  7. Might be a good idea with fish like that and otters with pissy attitudes!
  8. There was a pic of a 31lb line-caught brown in the Grizzly Hackle a couple of yrs ago.
  9. that brown has to be sea going and 4 salt
  10. Agreed. The fish in that picture looks nothing like 38"x28", even with the long arms.
    Who picks up a dead fish and has it mounted anyways?
  11. My guess is that had it been you who found it, we'd be looking at you in the photo instead of someone else!

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  12. Ya, I don't think so.
    Where I come from it is illegal to molest dead fish. Leave the biomass in the river for the next generatoin.
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  13. That's why, when I finally get to fish the Madison, I am going to throw foot long musky streamers with a heavy rod.
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  14. If he still has my 22 zebra midge in his jaw, I want it back :D. Where there is one, rest assured there are others...Hebgen grows monsters and with the recent breach in the dam could be that it passed through.
  15. forget fly rods!! next summer when i go to Montana i am bringing some of my salmon gear and throwing swimbaits all week around the lake...
  16. Keeping and mounting a dead fish, found on the bank? Seems like the angling equivalent of keeping the photo of the pretty girl that comes with the new picture frame by your bedside...
  17. my next trip to the Madison will stop in at the slide inn and witness the beast. mike w
  18. That's a huge fish! But looking at it in proportion I don't think it would top sixteen pounds. That's not intended to take much away from a leviathan like that! While it IS the fish of a lifetime it's not a record or comparable with the dead fish in question. I can't imagine catching a fish like that though. You would honestly wonder what the hell you had on the line! Assuming it couldn't possibly be a trout! Knowing it was and sight fishing it must have been amazing.
  19. I can't believe someone would touch that ole dead boot.

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