Monster Rock Fish

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Kcahill, Jul 3, 2013.

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  2. Jim Ficklin

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    Damn, but that's some fish! A guy would need a seriously-weighted fly to get down 900' . . .
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  3. psycho

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    Sorry I do not get excited about the killing of big female rock fish full of developing embryos. Same as I don't get excited about bonking two hundred lb. Halibut.
  4. Once it was pulled up from 900 ft I suspect that rockfish had zero chance of survival had it been released. Look at it's eyes.
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  5. dryflylarry

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    Kool, but sad to kill something that. Remarkable fish. Years ago while fishing Pt. No Pt. I released a large lingcod that was probably 60 lbs. I was sad at the time, but now I'm happy. Happy. Happy.
  6. David Dalan

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    Neat to know they live that long, tragic that it was killed. Records, and the associated groups that keep them are stupid.
  7. totallycustom

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    Good for him. Hope he makes lots of dinners with it.

    To those that don't want/like to kill things then don't fish. Fishing is enherently about killing and harvesting. To do otherwise is to deny its history and importance to human survival. Catch and release just turns fishing into another lame sport like golf.
  8. Rob Hardman

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    So if I choose to release a fish I've caught, I'm denying the history and importance of fishing to human survival? That's a bit of a reach, isn't it?
    And if fishing is inherently a killing sport, was it really a sport? Isn't that just survival? Do folks that have to fish and hunt to feed their families consider it a "sport"?
    And if, for you, not killing turns fishing into a "lame sport like golf", I feel sorry for you. To not even be able to enjoy fishing unless you're killing is jut plain sad. Don't get me wrong, I support your right to legally kill your limits, I Just think it sucks that you feel so compelled to kill that you absolutely MUST do it in order to keep from being lame, or, god forbid, deny the importance of fishing to human survival. :rolleyes:
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    Does anyone know what the fecundity of a fish like that would be? I know with most groundfish like lingcod, rockfish, halibut, etc, fecundity increases with age/size for females. Sometimes with other freshwater fish they stop being as prolific reproductively after a certain point. Can anyone that knows about rockfish share some insight?
  10. David Dalan

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    Nothing wrong with killing fish. Many of them are yummy :) However, a 200 year old rockfish probably tastes (as my dad would put it) "like eating a 30 year old cow."

    I was speaking only of various "records."
  11. Preston

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    I heard an update on the fish and examination of the otolith apparently indicated that the fish was only about sixty-five years old.
    Some members of Sebastes and related species don't reach sexual maturity until age 30.
  12. I'm all for releasing fish, and I don't mind the keeping of "records" but killing something only for the sake of a "record" is lame beyond reason. I'm also a fan of not applying blanket reasoning to every situation. It's not a steelhead (or even a carp) that has a chance at survival if it was released. Hopefully the guy made good use of it and didn't let it go to waste.