Montana 16-17 july

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by mike doughty, Jul 18, 2005.

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    well i got on the road leaving utah at around 3 am and headed to last chance idaho to meet up with andy who was already up there with some clients from las vegas. i arrived at 7am and after breakfast me and andy decided to try the madison river. neither of us had ever fished montana so it really didn't matter where we fished. we hit the river at the raynolds pass bridge and worked our way down stream fishing every pocket we could get to and it seemed like every pocket had fish. between the 2 of us we got into roughly 30/40 fish, all rainbows except a couple of whitefish, most in the 16" range with a few smaller and a couple of bigger ones. my first fish in montana happened to be a bruiser of about 4 inches, what an introduction to fishing montana. we fished for about 8 hours until the wind got the best of us. on sunday we drove to a semi hush, hush creek, we'll call it duck, which from what i have read has struggled since the last big fire in yellowstone. the bottom was extremely silted with not much cover for the fish to hide in, there were some under cut banks which we kicked a few good out of. this creek was a slow meandering type of water. this was aslo the first time i have ever used a streamer on a river and only the third time ever using a streamer for trout. i didn't catch anything here but did hook a nice trout of 14/15 inches. it was cool to see the fish coming at it right before the take, good stuff and something i am anxious to try again. andy caught a couple of smaller fish, but that was about the extent of it. after a couple hours of that drove over to the gallatin to see whjat it was all about. this is a sweet looking river, not real big but with a lot of good water. fished it for 4 hours before andy had to get back. the fish were 50/50 whitefish to rainbows with most running in the 13-14 inch range. it was a great trip and am looking forward to a return trip.
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    Nice, what an area ! , how long till October?????????
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    Thanks for the report. What an awesome setting for some fishing. Sounds like you guys had a good trip
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    duck is the shit. I have OMFG stories from there.
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    andy and i each only hooked one fish from there and only saw a couple of others. from what i read on the internet it is still suffering from the last fire, the bottom was really silty.