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  1. Galpster, we'll have to get together . . . a Butte guy & an Anaconda guy fishing instead of fighting. That ought to make the record book. Spent my formative summers in Walkerville & have eaten corned beef & cabbage washed down with green beer on St Paddy's day in the Helsinki Tavern in Finntown. Now, that's hard-core . . . everyone in Butte is Irish on March 17th. Even shared a beer on occasion with Evel. What part of Butte do you hail from?

    Karl, The M&M had great food especially after the bars closed, but you had to endure a line . . . just find a place behind the counter stools. Wish it had become a gay stripper bar . . . a video of OMJ in such a venue would be priceless & I could swap it with Mumbles for some gear . . . . maybe even a boat . . .
  2. I grew up right on the edge of Walkerville. Hornet St to be exact. Yes, the Butte boy and an Anacondian, that would be interesting. Would love to go fishing with ya. Trying to get my form down with my new rod. Seems the fast weight needs a overweighted line. At least that is what Lex ( a member here) and I figured. Just doesn't want to cast and turn over very well.

    Miss old Butte and old Saint Pats day. Still cook up corned beef every year though. So next Saint Pats, Beer and corned beef at my place.
  3. Hi Karl-You and I were hunting pretty close to each other. We went to Choteau on Friday and opened Saturday a little north of there. We had a group of 8 (pretty large group, but we had a lot of property) and got 17 roosters and a couple huns. Next day about the same numbers. We usually get limits each day, but not this time. Not as many birds as past years. Monday we hit the Missouri and the wind was very strong! Caught a couple and one 20" fish, but not like some days I've had on the Mo. Most fish were caught on midge nymphs in the #18-20 size. Tuesday we went down to Power and saw more birds. I got my 3 birds that day pretty easily. My new setter was really impressive for a 1 yo (her birthday was last week) and she pointed and retrieved all my birds. Another day on the Mo on Wednesday, half a day of hunting Thursday and we headed home. A really good trip with 9 pheasants and a hun for me, and one really nice 20" bow on a streamer. My favorite trip each year! I'll post some pictures when I get them loaded. Rick
  4. Rick, well done partner. I'm glad you found plenty of birds since we came up a bit short. There is a shortage of winter cover where we were tromping around so I imagine contributes to limiting reproductive capacity especially on pheasants. I'm looking forward to fishing the Madison again in the future. It's the most technical water I've fished and the promise of big fish is a real draw. I'm also growing very fond of big browns. I'll look forward to seeing your photos.

    Were you supposed to remind me about duck hunting?

  5. Yes Karl-remember to invite me duck hunting sometime!:thumb: Rick
  6. It'll be in December or January when the largest number of birds have migrated into the area. I'll give you a heads up when its right.
  7. thanks Karl-I'll look forward to it!
  8. Geez Karl, I feel all left out. I shoot (AT) ducks . . .
  9. Jim, you wanna hunt ducks? On the wetside of the state? In the rain and wind, wading knee deep in cold, muddy ponds? Let me know when you're going to be on this side during the months of December and January and I'll see what I can do. (Actually you'll be hunting in very nice, dry fixed blinds with oatmeal and scones for breakfast with hot chocolate or tea to wash it down.)
  10. Karl, Gotta remember . . . I'm dogless at present. Lotsa birds down here, but I lost my goose fields. Didn't hunt much at all last year & I'm a lousy retriever with a worthless nose. I'll bear your kind offer in mind. Thanks!

    When Maggie was in her "Terrible Twos," she was a complete knothead one morning. The next day, I left her home to "think about it." We were hunting a very shallow pond. First flight bird down was a nice-but-winged Drake Mallard. Took me 20-minutes, one fall on my azz in the pond, and a myriad of frantic fandango steps & missed tackles in a mowed field to finally nab that bird. When I returned to the blind, my companion (a very mellow & introspective gentleman of the highest order) simply said after a bit: "You'd think that a grown, athletic, 240# man with two sound legs & arms could catch a one-legged, one-winged duck more easily & more quickly than that, wouldn't you? Maggie sure makes that stuff look easy." Mags went hunting the next morning . . .
  11. Jim, your hunting buddy sounds like mine. And my dog loves him more than she likes me. It's probably all of the treats he gives her behind my back. There is something about a duck blind that is better than any church I've ever been in. I've heard men talk about many, many things. It's been a confessional for some, too. Man, if this rain increases we'll be hunting ducks within a couple of weeks.
  12. "The Duck Blind Confessional" . . . I hear you . . . something about peace, tranquility, and no birds in the air that make a person "open-up." Perhaps we should consider a Fall "dump your troubles & maybe shoot a bird" endeavor?

    My apologies to Dave Barry . . . "The Duck Blind Confessional" wouldn't be a good name for a rock band, but would be one helluva book title . . .
  13. Karl, an RBL...ooooohh..that's a "tasty bit o` crumpet there"!! If I ever get to hunt with you guys, I'll have to bring her Ladyship's Elsie just to "keep up" with y'all!!
  14. Elsie's are great, best side lock ever made in the good ol' U.S. of A. We'll get a hunt together. Right now all of our guys are chompin' at the bit to shoot birds and we have to let them get the hot blood out of their system. So far this is the best start to waterfowl hunting we've seen in at least 12 years. Hopefully this cold weather will bring some new, fresh birds in to us. The ones we've been shooting know us by first and last name so it's been a bit of a challenge here lately.

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