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    Had a fun trip to Montana with long time friends new to fly fishing. Ushered them on their first fishing trip to Big Sky. Had a blast. Top of August. Spent one day on the upper Madison guided by Julie & Chris Eaton of Eaton Outfitters, Ennis MT. Two drift boats... fantastic time with these folks! Highly recommend them!

    The link is to a 5:10 video from parts of our trip. Ended up on the Madison, Gallatin, Taylor, Big Hole & Bitterroot.

    We all are bluegrass musicians... had our instruments with us, picked every night and took in the Pickers's Festival in Livingston. Aahhhh... it was a great trip, good fishing, great music, gallons of beer and loads of laughs!


    The graphic? When I took this picture of our friends, all I could think of was photoshop! Had to honor their pose and trip... apologies to the art community

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    To tell you the truth, I was havin' a real crappy evening 'till I watched your video....just prefect!!
    Cheered me up and put me in a happier place.
    Excellent job and thank you!
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    Can't ask for more than a fishing trip with good friends. Thanks for sharing.
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    Fantastic. Fished the Gallatin and the Taylor Fork last August (2009) with the wife and kids myself. Boy did those rainbows luvvvv them hoppers, baby! Great time - thanks for sharing.
  5. Stew McLeod aka BigMac

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    Great little video. THanks for sharing