Monthly Fly 'Salon' (sort of a contest) - interested?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Thomas Mitchell, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Just floating an idea to gauge interest...

    Back in the day when I thought I had a future in fine arts photography, I participated in a fairly serious photography discussion board. They held an ongoing monthly 'Salon' which is sort of a contest but without a real prize. I thought it might be fun for the fly tiers on this site, especially in a La Nina winter...

    It works like this:

    1) Adjudicator chooses a theme and sets up a message thread
    2) Tiers design/choose a pattern based on the theme, tie it then upload a photo to their WFF gallery and post it to the thread
    3) At the deadline, the Adjudicator chooses the one that he/she thinks best fits the theme
    4) The winner becomes the next Adjudicator, chooses theme and so one in perpetuity...

    I also think it might be a more viable form of fly swap, especially if we include a requirement of a materials list with the photo. Everyone only has to tie one fly, no mailing, etc, etc.

    Let me know what you think. If there's interest, I'll act as the first Adjudicator. I'll also draw up a rules post that maybe Chris could post as a sticky.


  2. Thomas, this sounds like a great way to encourage creativity in the fly tying forum. I can see it being focused on a species, a body of water, a type of material or combination of things. The materials list and simple tying instructions would be a big plus.

    Count me in.

    Thanks, Steve
  3. Great idea! Count me in.
  4. Thomas- I'm in so long so long as we can participate on an 'as time allows' basis.
  5. thats sick im in
  6. That's actually the main point of this versus the traditional fly-swap.

    It's new every month. Someone just posts the theme and the people that want to tie something (or already have a fly that fits) just post. No time or no interest in the theme = no post to the thread.

    Easy-peasy is the goal.

    I'll draw up a quick guidelines post and set up the first thread for December over the Turkey Day holiday.
  7. Great idea! Would it be an Iron Chef type thing where everyone has to tie something different using the exact same materials?
  8. Nope, complete freedom on the part of the tiers to express themselves and interpret the theme. Chaos brings ingenuity...
  9. I would be interested
  10. Sounds good. I'm a novice, so it will help me be creative without trying to perfect traditional patterns.
  11. in for the goods! ha whatever that means
  12. Sure, I'll play
  13. Sounds like a great idea, I'm in
  14. If overseas visitors are allowed please count me in.

    Sounds good.

  15. I'm in. Shock and awe.

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