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  1. Very nice picture. What was the date of the pic?
  2. Nice detail and focus depth.
  3. image.jpg Sacramento River Rainbow Trout
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  4. RingNebulaC11.jpg

    Screen capture of M57 (Ring Nebula). Samsung low-light security camera attached to an 11" Telescope.
    Central star is clearly visible.
  5. 11/8/13
  6. Looks like a trout haven. Gotta love Pocketwater!
  7. Perry Rifle Trout 1.jpg Sacramento River Rainbow that fell victim to a tiny Mayfly nymph
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  8. Last fish of 2013, not exactly the most cooperative of cutties I've caught.


  9. I was in the west coast in south new zealand for couple days searching for new river to fish....
    A snap shot of the beach....

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  10. Thought I would add a quick picture of my first game fish of 2014

  11. Roadside art in CA high desert; panels on sides supposed to represent sunshine (rt) and night sky (lft). Gate in middle is 8' high. IMG_0058 (2).jpg
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  12. I used to live in California’s High Desert, in Susanville. Where is that place Robert? It looks cool.
  13. Way south of there, TE. Just north of Mojave, entering California City. There's about an Acre of this stuff, very cool. I lived in Susanville (Standish) in 94 & 95; love the Warners and some of those reservoirs in BFE will surprise you.
  14. Another one from CA City:
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  15. I love art like that.
  16. From yesterday morning on the way to the Sauk, Sauk Mountain with the rising sun shining on it.

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