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  1. Here is the cuttie I caught just behind the bow above actually, was holding in the same general area just 5 feet downstream or so.

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  2. Something I don't see every day, a Merlin.
  3. IMG_0242.JPG
    I was never so happy as when, at 11 yrs. old, I was told we were leaving the Sonoran Desert and moving to Oregon. However, if you look, the desert has it's own intrinsic beauty.
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  4. Cobble detail on the beach yesterday as I was heading to the van. Cutts were not very cooperative but the lighting and scenery were pretty legit.

  5. Silver Trout. Redband/ Rainbow from the Pit River, CA.
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  6. hummingbird.jpg

    Found this lil' lady sitting on two eggs in our back yard yesterday. How cool is it that they make their nests out of spiderwebs and lichen?
  7. [​IMG]

    A bridge in a research forest in the Fraser Valley
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  8. Last thing some fish see.

  9. I can see now why the heron (it is a heron right?) is such an effective predator of fish, you can see just how easy they can get downgaze, and rather than have a tube for a neck, it is far more like an axe head, to split the water open with minimal resistance. Never thought of it that way, always pictured the eyes more above the skull meridian and the neck as just a pipe...
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  10. Yes, it's a Great Blue Heron. That shot surprised (and taught) me as well. It was looking up at an overhead flock of geese when I snapped the picture. I had no idea until processing the images that the eyes could look down like that. Despite the overhead distraction, it was able to keep its eyes on me the entire time. I'd never have known that sticking with the classic view.
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  11. Apparently I'm doing more photography than fishing lately. I liked the way this turned out with the windswept look.
  12. Awesome dog.Just awesome.Wow.
  13. Thanks. Kuma truly is an awesome dog. My family and I feel blessed to have him in our lives.
  14. just found this thread, i am definatly a fan, here are a few of mine that i really like FOT593B.jpg skyriver.jpg xterra.jpg
  15. Beautiful.If I go to heaven,that's were I'll fish. :)
  16. Out visiting the river the other day. I have launched here dozens of times but never really looked at the memorial much.

  17. Some random shots from the last year or so.

    Grand Tetons
    Everett Waterfront
    Coastal Steel

  18. Speechless!
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  19. Recent stop at Hatch offices.


    Amazing art on their wall.



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