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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Michael Thompson, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. What fly fisherman doesn't appreciate a good hummer now and then?

  2. Very nice riseform .
    I love hummers .
  3. This photo is money! These little suckers can be so frustrating to capture. Well done.
  4. For creekx:
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  5. From the weekend. Yeah, yeah I should be out fishing.

  6. Spot on man!

    Here's me fishing the Lower Sac. The person with the camera was a photographer shooting photos for my article in Enjoy Magazine.
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  7. I see lots of female rufous and no males where we are, can males be way more green than orange also?
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  8. I'm not a hummingbird expert, but I did a little research. Most of the mature males look like the one I pictured with flecks of green spots on their back. 5% of males will have a solid green back.
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  9. Our old friend "Annie" with a snake

  10. My new jig, uuuuu, float, uuuuuu, nymph, uuuuu, beading, yeah, beading rod...


    Wait 'til you see this piece of nostalgic fish killin' machinery in action on a river near you. Pure jealousy is the only emotion you will feel.
  11. Cedar Waxwing from my deck last week.
  12. In a tree in my front yard.

  13. I don't see many Cedar waxwings around here. One of my north Idaho favorites is the Western Tanager. They love hanging around the rivers for the bugs, but they've been too elusive for me to photograph.
  14. The other morning I had a deer come out of the woods and join me on the little island I was standing on. First he poops in the water, then walks right up to me and starts sniffing me. This went on for a good 3 or 4 minutes. Finally another deer comes out of the woods and they walk up stream image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  15. I hope that deers not poopin in the stilly,That's were my drinking water comes from !
  16. I always have trouble with Cedar waxwings. Their feathers are too perfect, making them look cartoonish. Kerry, that nest shot is amazing.

    For creekx...some Western Tanagers that weren't hiding in treetops recently.



    And finally, something I don't see every day.... A hummer buzzing and owl.

  17. Ha, love the hummer, owl shot. I have a few humming birds that hang around our house in the spring/summer. One seems to have a particular liking of my Newf, Kuma. He likes to fly down in front of him and hoover as if to say hello. He will do this no matter where the dog is laying in the yard and it appears at times he searches for him. I haven't been lucky enough to get a shot yet.
  18. Went to Arches and Mesa Verde National Park and Bondolier National Monument last week- DSCN1488.JPG DSCN1568.JPG
    but in Dallas we saw this... DSCN1385.JPG

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