Moose Creek Upper Selway

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by slim, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. I'm planning a 5 day back packing/fishing trip into the East Fork of Moose Creek and was wondering if any of you have been on the trail from Elk Summit/Hoodoo Lake down to Moose Creek and how it was. Also, any good day hikes to some of the area lakes off the main moose creek trail. Thanks for any help.
  2. Looks like there's quite a few of them in the general area. Might be better to hold off for a while. I appreciate the information Ray. Still would like to know what the trail holds for us if anybody knows.
  3. I hiked it about 12 years ago. Had a great time until I had to be flown out because of an injury (long story). I remember that the first 5 miles was all downhill. With a full pack it was pretty punishing on my 44 year old feet and knees. There were fantastic groves of old growth down along the river. Saw lots of elk and a couple of bears. I would love to get back to that country.

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