More Crabs Please!

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Big E, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Ever since coming to WA just over 3 years ago and seeing all the water, I've wanted a boat. While I've held on to this thought, there has always something else that surpressed that want; school, work, not owning a home, finances, etc. I've made do without one, but this year the want grew bigger and bigger with each successive reason for not getting one was put to bed. I graduated from school, found my niche at work, bought a home, straightened out my finances and finally started putting down some roots after moving around during my military career.

    I think in the back of my mind that I knew I would get a boat soon when I purchased a home in a community with a marina, shared boat launch and not far from fishy water. But how to convince the wife? The opportunity presented itself in the form of a gift from my boss.

    I've always shared my homemade canning goodies (salsa, jam, and relish) with my coworkers. Their praise was always enough for me. This year however, my boss decided to return the favor and gave us some fresh caught Dungeness crab. We had this on the 4th of July and, being our first taste of this crab, was pronounced awesome. Especially awesome by the one person who shares in the decisions of major purchases...the wife. She proclaimed that I needed to hurry up and buy a boat so I could deliver this tasty awesome deliciousness to her plate forevermore. So I could fill the freezer so that it could be plucked from, and enjoyed during the winter.

    It was after this proclamation that I began my search in earnest. I PM'ed people with a never-ending shock and awe bombardment of questions, I read forums, I researched, and finally, I found her. I head down this weekend to take her for a test ride and close the deal.


    The moral of the story....give your loved one crabs and you may just get a chance to motorboat.


    Free trip out fishing for the one who comes up with the best name / handle to use...
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  2. That is one bad ass boat, but why no jet drive?
  3. Boats are always female, name it after your gal. Sweet boat by the way!
  4. Just don't tell her that I've been getting limits of crab with my $250 canoe, she might think you overspent. Looks clean. Opens up a world of opportunity. Congrats.
  5. Sweet!
  6. Nice score Eric. Let me know if you need someone to pull pots for you (you know, your back and all ;))
  7. My guess is that since you don't need it on big water, why would you want to spend twice as much on fuel...
  8. I guessed the same, but this is a serious river boat designed for the rapids. It screams for a jet.
  9. It will be more geared for the sound...has a 18 degree deadrise at the transom.
  10. It looks like it has a much deeper V than the river boats I have seen as well, but you will have way better throttle response, top speed and fuel usage with that prop.

    I am jealous...
  11. Allow me to be the first to sign up on the "new buddy" list.:rolleyes:
  12. Nice new ride Eric. I think you'll like be making a lot of new crabbing friends very soon.
  13. Eric, that is one hell of a beauty. Congrats...

    how about the name Crab E

  14. The deep v and the offshore bracket make it a ocean boat. If it was a river boat the engine would be directly mounted to the transom and it would have a tunnel hull. awesome boat.
  15. Wow, that is nice. Congrats. If only I didnt get sea sick so easily.
  16. Congrats on a nice boat! I certainly miss mine, tho it was tailored to rivers (and rocks . . . hard to beat aluminum!), but life & divorce happens and so went the Steelhead taxi. Enjoy!

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