More Fishing License/discovery Pass Confusion?

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  1. So I bought my new fishing license yesterday. My old license yellow tag that you hang in your window (with all the others...) had a line #1 and a line #2 which under the space says "License Plate Required".
    Now the question. The new 2012 yellow tag only has one space, which, below it says the same, "License Plate Required". So......can you NOT have more than one car now under the new license for parking at a WDFW site ??????? Geesus Cecil !!
    What gives here?
  2. Isn
    Ins't living in Washington state fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Well, it was my understanding that the original bill was written for only one vehicle. It generated a rash of discontent among the population that use the Parks, boat launch sites, and DNR land. The two sponsors tried to revise it to allow two vehicles and the bill was passed and presented to the
    Governor. At last notification it was still on her desk. There was a rumor that further "adjustment" was under investigation to allow it to be used by more than two vehicles. I am not sure how our esteemed representatives have worked that one out. I have little doubt that it will cost us more money if they do.

    Not so long ago we had a discussion and it was determined that if the bill was signed you could return your one vehicle ticket and get a new revised edition.

  4. Not the Discovery Pass, I'm referring to your Fishing License Yellow Mirror Tag. Guess I should have left the word "Discovery" out of my whinie post. Sorry.
  5. Since I'm still using my 2011 window tag, I didn't even look at my 2012 tag yet. Screw it; I'll just fill in both license numbers.
  6. it is not my intention to confuse the issue, but I was under the impression that they would not issue the WDFW window hanger but instead they want you to purchase a Discover Pass. Most of the boat launch sights that I have visited since, have signs stating that DISCOVER PASS REQUIRED TO USE THIS SITE. or words to that effect.

    Edit: I have not purchased my 2012/2013 license as yet.
  7. The WDFW and Discover passes are for different purposes. If the launches you are visiting are in a state park, the you need the Discover Pass or the campground receipt. If it is a WDFW launch, you need the WDFW pass but not the Discover Pass.

  8. Charlie-

    You have the same confusion I once had at the WDFW boat launch sites. If you read the small print it says something like DISCOVER PASS REQUIRED or Access Pass which is your fishing license yellow tag. Anyway, the question here is whether one has lost the right to use two different cars with your Fishing License, regardless of the Discover Pass? Anyone know?
  9. That is not what is posted at the lauch at Lake Langlois or at the Lewis Street Bridge in Monroe.
    Both are WDFW launch sites.
    I just saw your post above mine Larry. The WDFW window hanger I got last year, has only one space. The one for the previous year had 2. I have not seen the discover pass so I am in the dark.
    The way I read the sign at the launch site led me to believe that the Discover pass was the only one required or recognized. I could be mistaken. I have been in the past on numerous occasions.
    But I am still handsome. At least my dog thinks I a nice guy.
  10. This what I am talking about. Old license yellow mirror tag 2011 on left. New 2012 on right.

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  11. Now I am confused. I went out to the truck and checked on my pass. I have it right here in front of me. It looks very similar to the one on the right with one license number. BUT, and there is always a pesky but, it reads:

    And it only has one line for a license number.
    I have no way to post a picture of it or I would.
  12. Wow! Now that's interesting Charlie. Good grief!
  13. Now I am wondering if they issued two different passes last year. I bought mine on line I believe. Perhaps some of the outlets had different stock. That doesn't seem correct though.

    What a jig saw puzzle.
  14. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. I was either not paying attention on previous posts on this matter or everyone over looked this fact!!! LAST YEAR, your fishing license WAS GOOD for two vehicles. This year, it is NOT good for two vehicles!!!! The bastards! Oh, excuse my French... I found this on the WDFW site:

    So, Does anyone know if this proposed change of two vehicles for the Discover Pass will also apply to the Fishing license Access Pass? If not, the State took the two vehicle "away" from your fishing license yellow parking Access Pass!!!

    Will I receive a complimentary Vehicle Access Pass with my WDFW license order?
    • The Vehicle Access Pass is issued free of charge with the purchase of the first big-game or small-game hunting license, western Washington pheasant permit, trapping license, Watchable Wildlife Decal, or saltwater, freshwater or combination recreational fishing license.
    • The Vehicle Access Pass and Discover Pass apply to only one vehicle. They may not be transferred between vehicles. The vehicle license plate number must be written on the Pass and must be visibly displayed in the front windshield.
    • If an additional pass is needed, customers can purchase a Discover Pass or a One-day Discover Pass. Additional Vehicle Access Passes are NOT available for purchase.
    • More information on the Discover Pass may be found at
  15. This fall at some of the state bird hunting land (Bridgeport Bar, Central Ferry etc) they had a sign for the Discovery Pass. I'm assuming that the Discovery Pass is pretty universal. It is way less confusing to have only one pass to hang on the window (speaking of which, my volvo and my GMC truck have mirror designs that are impossible to hang the dang thing on them!) I don't mind paying $30 for the pass as long as it is used for parks etc, but the confusion is pretty bad. Rick
  16. I am so confused about what passes I need I took a second morgage out on the house and purchased all 67 of them. Now there is so much crap hanging in the windshield of my truck I can't see to drive. After buying all the passes I am broke and with the price of gas now days I might as well stay home.
  17. Rick and Everyone. I just hung the phone up with WDFW. It is true, they DID take away our previous right to park two different cars (noting the space on my old license for car #1 and #2) for 2012. So they did try to screw us! The guy from WDFW on the phone minutes ago, assured me that the proposal is to reinstate the two cars for your Fishing License Access Pass also when the governor signs the final bill. Until then, you DID LOSE your right to park and use two different cars at a WDFW boat launch site! :mad: Amazing....... How and the heck did I overlook that screw job?..........Now you know. When the bill passes, you will be able to write in the extra license number on your fishing license.
  18. I may just be getting lucky, but I have never filled in the license plate numbers on my passes and I have yet to get a ticket or warning. I think it is ridiculous and complained to my representatives. They said it was not the intent to limit the # of vehicles per pass and one even noted they did not believe restricting a pass to one car would withstand a legal challenge and was working to get that changed. It is absolutely ridiculous that it is not transferable between vehicles. If my car is stolen or I sell it, I should not have to buy another pass. I would think the same principles would apply to the access site pass as well.

  19. I just purchased mine as well, got home and saw they have made it for just one vehicle. Looked online and it states that the
    new WDFW access pass is for one vehicle only, just like the current discovery pass. Being a bit pissed off I called DFL to wine about it and he said he had just posted this thread, I don't see how this will increase revenue for the state, it states that you can't buy a extra access pass anyway (not that anyone would) so whats the reason? Thanks.....WDFW
  20. Thanks for calling Larry, and letting everyone know whats going on. What did they think.... we wouldn't notice?

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