More Fishing License/discovery Pass Confusion?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by dryflylarry, Mar 27, 2012.

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    Oh you'll get out of there when the Tsunami hits Jim! I heard the Discover Pass is good for free surfing on those waves too, but when the waves have died down, it is my understanding you have to purchase another Discover Pass in order for you to be valid for surfing the next tsunami. :D
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    I think saying some confusion is a major understatement after reading
    all the posts about this issue. Let me puchase one thing that
    lets me get where I want to go and not have to give a second thought
    about WDFW, DNR, or any other crap. Just put it on the dash board
    or mirror and you are Good To Go (patent pending),

  3. As if the two passes are not expensive and confusing need yet another NW Annual Forest Pass to fish Coldwater Lake!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
    Someone really needs to pull their heads out in WA. Soon you'll need a permit to access toilet paper in the bathroom stalls! :rolleyes:
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    Deleted. This didn't come out right.
  5. flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    No you won't need a toilet paper permit, you'll have so many permits you can use your least favorite as tp!
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    Flybill, you are a genius! I carry all my permits with me in a large pack, and now I won't have to rip off my shirt sleeves in an emergency.
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  7. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Brad, Back when they first tried charging for daily vehicle access, I actually found places to park near the local state parks and either walked or biked in from there. For example, I parked on Port of Grays Harbor property just outside of Westhaven State Park and walked the last half-mile to the Jetty when I wanted to go jetty fishing. Minor hassle. Same thing for Lighthouse State Park in Westport. There is plenty of free parking very close ( a stone's throw) and adjacent to the park, right along Ocean Ave. There's no reason to even park in the Lighthouse St Pk parking if you don't have the Pass. I never did pay up for a permit that last time. And resistance by the populace was not futile, as the State quit their bad idea.
    So looking for some free parking nearby might be a partial solution.
    Now, since things are even worse, I don't think that they will retire this Pass anytime soon.

  8. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I got to laugh at one of the remarks mentioned here. Somebody said that having all these passes will make the people here that don't pay for passes to pony up now.

    It came to mind that the summer before I left for Montana I made a visit to one of the accesses on the S/F Stilly. It was a nice summer day on a Sunday. I was enjoying the river with my kids and dogs. When a about 15 cars showed up with people wanting to float the river. This was when we all had those passes that you stuck to your vehicle(the ones that faded). They all piled out and set up to float. None of the cars had any passes on them.

    So you think that people like that are going to go out and buy a pass. They need to post a guard on the access points to make everyone pay their dues. But you all know that is never going to happen.
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    Jim, I think they watched the movie with Clint Eastwood, and they developed the "GO AHEAD AND MAKE MY DAY" syndrone. They will enforce just enough that some poor fool will get caught bending their rules and they will hit them with a stiff fine, just so the word will get around. Then they reason, and perhaps not without justification, that the fear of the law will be upon everyone's soul and we will all camp at the door of the agency to get our ration of poop and launch site pass.

    Edit for spilun. I are not a gud spelr.
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  10. Citori Piscatorial Engineer

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    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
    600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091

    March 30, 2012
    Contact: Virginia Painter, State Parks, (360) 902-8562
    Sandy Mealing, State Parks, (360) 902-8559
    Bryan Flint, DNR, (360) 902-1023
    Margaret Ainscough, WDFW, (360) 902-2408

    Discover Pass transferability signed into law
    OLYMPIA – March 30, 2012 – A single, state recreation land pass now can be used on either of two motor vehicles, thanks to new legislation signed today by Gov. Chris Gregoire.
    The change takes effect immediately. Holders of previously issued annual passes may enter a second vehicle license number on their existing pass.
    Pass transfer between two vehicles also applies to vehicle access passes (VAPs) issued free with purchases of annual fishing and hunting licenses for access to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) recreation lands and water- access sites.
    "The Discover Pass is a great way to experience some of Washington’s most extraordinary places and this legislation makes it even easier to visit our state parks and recreation lands," said Gov. Chris Gregoire. "Our parks, some of the best in the world, rely on user support and this small investment to enjoy our public lands is well worth it."
    The Discover Pass was created by the 2011 Legislature and took effect last July. The pass - required to park motor vehicles in state parks and other state recreation lands - was created to make up for reductions in state general fund support for state recreation lands. The new modifications were adopted in Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 2373, originally sponsored by Rep. Kevin Van De Wege and Rep. Steve Tharinger.
    The annual Discover Pass is sold for $30 and provides vehicle access to millions of acres of state recreation lands managed by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, WDFW and the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR). One-day passes are available for $10 but are not transferable.
    The Discover Pass is sold through state vehicle-licensing outlets, at state parks, at some retail businesses and through WDFW’s recreational licensing system, known as the Washington Interactive Licensing System (WILD). Transaction and dealer fees may apply.
    Eighty-four percent of Discover Pass revenues go to State Parks, while WDFW and DNR each receive 8 percent.
    So far, revenue from Discover Pass sales has come in at less than half of original projections. Projected sales through the end of 2011 were $19.38 million, while actual revenue for the period was $8.2 million.
    "Customers have asked for transferable passes, the agencies sought this change and the Legislature has responded," said Don Hoch, State Parks director. "Customer survey results indicated that pass transferability between two vehicles could boost support for the Discover Pass. We are optimistic that the change will lead to greater public support and participation. We now depend on the Discover Pass to keep state parks and other state recreation lands open for public use and enjoyment."
    The new legislation also allows for future development of new types of Discover Pass products and provides flexibility in how they are implemented.
    For more information, visit the Discover Pass website at .
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    Final Question from DFL: Can I walk in a State Park without a Discover Pass???
  12. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Yes, Larry, you can do so legally. Also you can bicycle in and park it for free.

    And after the tsunami hits, there won't be any state parks, or sand spit left out here to surf. However, although its not yet ready to be unveiled, I am nearly done outfitting my "escape pod!"
  13. Brian Miller Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout

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    The NW Annual Forest Pass is the Federal Pass, but the sentance is still essentially correct.
  14. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Skip forward one year:

    OLYMPIA – March 30, 2013 – A single, state recreation land pass now can be used on either of two motor vehicles, thanks to new legislation signed today by Gov. Chris Gregoire. However, vehicles must be "green certified" and capable of running on granola and flax seed. All other vehicles must also display the new "C02 Emitter Pass"

    Chris, bless her heart, decided to run for a third term after coming to the conclusion that her beloved state of WA was in jeopardy of being rescued.
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    I think I am having a warm and fuzzy moment. No, it was just vertigo. :)