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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Willie Bodger, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Willie Bodger

    Willie Bodger Still, nothing clever to say...

    So, in lookgin around for a fast sinking line for my 9 wt Trident, I see that pwoens has a RIO HyperSink WF10/S8 for sale. NAybody have nay idea if this line would be a bugger to cast with a 9' Orvis Trident Mid-flex rod?

  2. Smalma

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    Willie -
    I have been fishing that line on my Sage 9 -6 VPS rod that is an 8 weight. Been using it in the salt for coho and it has some serious get down. It should work well on your rod (depending on how you like to load your rod). The line seems a good fit for my 8 wt however I like to over line my rods some for that type of fishing - depending on how you like to load your rods it should be fine on your 9 wt. Maybe you can try a test cast or two.

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