More Quality Waters Needed

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by skyrise, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. We need more Quality Waters in the North Sound Area.
    I am thinking of course about Lakes! Do you Agree?
    Is it worth writing to the WDFW on this one? If past history is any lesson, they will just laugh at my requests. Like why should we have mandatory release for all wild stock Steelhead (Sky, Skagit, Stilly) ha ha, you fool things are just fine.
    Oh sorry to get off track.
    What do you guys think????
  2. I completely agree. With the hundreds of lakes in the area... couldn't we just get one or two more managed for QUALITY fishing? As for the effectiveness of writing, I dunno.
  3. Join a club. A few of the north end clubs are working on this right now.
  4. Jeff, thats good news. Glad to add my support.
    I like lake Sixteen, but it might be too small ? I am sure there are better choices.
  5. Not exactly sure what you mean by quality waters. More fly only water? Why? Why should a certain type of fishing get previledge over others?
  6. Kerry, ever heard of put and take lakes? F&G manages these for the bait crowd. They get fished out within a few weeks of opening. Quality waters are no bait, so the fish have a chance to grow bigger. Also they usually set a one fish limit so everyone has a better chance of catching a fish. Almost every lake around here is managed as a P&T lake. I see nothing wrong with having a few being managed to be productive over the hole year.
  7. It seems to me there are quite a few lakes in that northern area that have quality fisheries. Lone, Pass, Baker, Shannon, Whatcom, Stevens, Samish just to name a few and some aren't necessarily managed as "quality" but definately have quality fish.

    If a lake has the necessary characteristics to grow large fish they generally do have large fish. It is pretty hard to fish any decent sized lake out. Reduce the numbers of small hatchery fish yes but some of those survive. Actually quite a few survive. Once the summer doldrums are over and cooler fall weather shows up it is surprising how these lakes considered "fished out" start producing again.

    Not all lakes are suitable for sustaining large populations of large fish. The concept of quality fishing water has backfired more than once!!

  8. Yep, Lone actually has smaller fish in it now, but more of the "smaller" fish. Granted, I'll take a day of 10-20 15" to 20" fish over 1 or 2 24" to 28" fish any day.

  9. Wow, didnt think there would be so many people against having better lake fishing on the west side of the state. At least not on a fly fishing site. Probably why we dont have any more waters set aside over here lately. dont think i'd call lake Stevens a quality water. Should we go backwards then and open Lone, Pass and the few other lakes up here to dunk your junk, fished out in 2 weeks lakes???
    Guess driving over the hump to fish good lakes will be the only thing for quite awhile. SAD.
  10. I'm not against it, and I don't think others are that against as well. I don't agree with all of your premis though. A lot of put and takes after the crowds are done, continue to put out fish for the rest of the season and fall can be real good on some of them. Then you take a lake like Stevens, which tends to scare most of the fly crowd because of it's size and yep, Stevens if you know it can be quite good for a variety of species.

    But I'll go with you on this one, it would be great to see more quality managed lakes on the westside and over the last few years more have opened up. Most of the put and take lakes though are put and take because they simply do not have the bio mass or water chemistry to maintain a trophy/quality fishery. As the state biologist find lakes that potentially fit the ticket, they do keep them in mind.

  11. I agree there is a lack of "quality" lakes in the west side. One only needs to look at the crowded parking lot at Pass (and empty lots at other lakes) to see that there is a high demand and few places for people to go.

    Like wet line mentions though, not every lake has features that would benefit from quality C&R regs. Aside from habitat, other hurdles in making a lake a quality fishery would be landowners and locals who fish the lake. An ideal candidate would have the habitat/forage to support healthy trout populations with little stocking supplementation and also be fairly remote without development. Off hand I can think of several lakes in Whatcom & Skagit county with potential.

    Even just reducing bag limits may be a good step in some locations. Up in BC a lot of lakes have a 1 or 2 fish slot limit which keeps the meat fishermen happy while preserving a quality fishery. Most lakes down here have a 5 fish limit, which IMO is too much for some places. Seems like increasing the # of C&R lakes would reduce the amount of $$ spent on hatchery plants too.

    Like others have mentioned it takes a lot of work to get this kind of a regulation change. I can't complain much because I have done nothing except talk about it on my computer. Given the opportunity though I would be all for supporting more quality lake fisheries in this region.
  12. plecoptera, what you said about Pass is what my whole suggestion was about.
    adding more quality (lower limits) or however you want to say it would, I guess take some pressure off our already over crowded quality lakes we have now, and then add some opportunity.
    And there must be at least a couple of lakes that could fall under the quality/good enough rule.
    and if B.C. can make the whole thing run the way it does there is no reason we cant at least improve down here. instead of managing most lakes for a few short weeks lets try to manage them for the whole season.
    just my 2 cents though.
  13. +1, This is the way rules and management practices get changed. Pass lake is a prime example.
    I did the same a few years ago and am glad to be a part of a working group. There are lots of fisherman that feel the same as you do. If you want better fishing opportunities there's only one way it happens in this state...involvement. Pay up and plug in.
  14. Jeff,

    I know of the putNtakes. Mostly everyone is done with them after a month. Lake Sixteen is almost empty of fishermen by June and still has some nice fishing with the added bonus of bass. Sometime around September Sixteen is virtually abandon by fishermen as are many of the other putNtakes and they all still have fish. Cranberry Lake just up the road from Pass is the classic under fished Lake with some big ass fish in it. I don’t see that many fly guys there. I could go on with the list of drive to lakes that are capable of providing a nice quiet day on the water. I am not against special reg waters. I am only trying opening up the dialog a bit. Whether we admit it or not there is some animosity out there over fly only waters. It is another division amongst us fishermen.
  15. Kerry,
    Managing a lake for quality doesn't necessarily imply that it is fly-only. Single barbless regs with a C&R, 1, or 2 fish bag limit are a good compromise and has been adopted on many of the eastside and BC lakes with good results. I agree though that fly-only regs create a lot more animosity and division of anglers. I would be satisfied if more lakes just went selective with a lower bag limit.

    There are definitely a large # of anglers who like the put n' take fisheries, and they should continue to have these opportunities. However there is an increasingly large # of anglers who prefer selective waters, and currently the scale heavily favors the put n' take lakes. Given the popularity of the few quality waters, it seems the scale is off balance.
  16. I am simply saying that a lot of the putNtakes have good fishing once the crowds leave. Even you stated the parking lots are empty but I can say with honesty the waters aren't. I am merely pointing out that if we look we can find many "quality" fishing opportunities right under our noses.
  17. I think this is a good point, "Given the popularity of the few quality waters, it seems the scale is off balance".
    And isnt Lenice a special reg lake, not fly fishing only. And I agree some of the put-n-take lakes do hold up thru the season. but not all. And I am not a fly only guy (just for trout).

    I could start a war over my next suggestion : The SAUK River would be catch and release year round (When open) for all fishing.
    I'll go dive into my fox hole now.
  18. I don't know to much about the "quality lakes" on the west side.
    Here on the dry side the "quality lakes" get more poaching pressure, because of the bigger fish.
    Also more "quality fishers" on the quality waters complaining about my electric motor from their toons.
    The P&T lakes have less people as soon as the freshly planted fish slow down on the bite and I start having the places to myself and I don't mind catching dozen 12" fish with a few hogs as a bonus.
    And another big + to the P&T's is if I want to take some for dinner, that is what they are there for.
  19. Not to be off subject...but I have found
    that the eastside trout usually taste like
    mud (or worse). I know this isn't true for
    all the lakes but the one time I took
    some trout home from Castle Lake....yuck.

  20. Castle Lake.... whoa there's a lake I havent hiked (down ) into in years. A truly awesome place ,kind of hairy hiking down into with all your gear.

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