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    While I have had almost zero relationship with Orvis in the past, I can not find a reason to not do business with them, nor to avoid their products.In fact, I have always looked to them as a leader in the fly fishing business world.

    Likewwise, I have never done business with Ross. Not that I have avoided Ross, I just have never found reason to bestow my dollars on them.

    Scientific Anglers has been my go to folks for fly lines for a long time,
    and I purchased one of their reels a long time ago. I still have it. Now I am wondering if I go to SA or Orvis if I need service on it.
    Probably neither as it is an obsolete reel.

    That all said, I look forward to seeing how it all shakes out.
  3. GAT

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    I've heard Orvis plans to buy PetCo.
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  4. zen leecher aka bill w

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    Must be for the dubbing.
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    The article comes across as a blunt marketing stab! All of these companies had "their shit together." I hope they continue to do so by continuing Ross and SA's manufacturing processes in the US (yes I know some of their products are made overseas.)
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    I own a lot of Ross reels, but they are all older models. I haven't been impressed with their recent offerings. Same goes for SA with me.
    One good thing that hasn't changed with Ross is their customer serrvice. It has always been great.
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  7. Kent Lufkin

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    Thanks for sharing Leland.

    When Louis writes, "WTF! does it take to be a real fly fishing company?", I couldn't agree more.

    I never fail to be surprised at the number of Orvis-haters, on this forum and elsewhere. They act like the company is some Martha Stewart who decided over a glass of merlot one evening to extend her brand into flyfishing instead of a near-legendary company with a 150+ year track record of offering American-made goods for our sport and supporting conservation efforts.

    Here's to every continued success for Orvis. Cheers!

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    I'm just glad I started fly fishing before all these other companies like sage and loomis started. orvis was the leader in the early 70's in the industry so no confusion, or who to hate for me.

    My father always wanted a sage rod and I always used orvis rods. he loved his medalist fly reel and I hated it with it's crappy sound and no free rim for palming. He loved his eagle claw yellow glass 7' rod for trout and I couldn't stand it! We would fish side by side and catch just as many fish as each other using completely different gear-me liking the upgraded graphite superfines of the 80's and him loving his old glass $20 eagle claw.

    I actually hated sage! being born in Oregon 53 years ago and being from the west coast had no influence on what company I trusted with my money and sport. I have bought and sold some 7 sage rods in the last 2 years trying to find one I like and the closest I can find that the butt actually flexes is the SP - great rod. So I switched to finding my first fast rod from sage - still testing - It has been the haters of Orvis that turned me against sage for many-many years. I also hate simms! when that company came out $300 to $500 waders were the norm for them. I did just fine with my $39 dollar fly weights buying them once or twice a year. funny thing is my father bought a pair of simms!

    When I read the west coast Orvis haters "HATE" on Orvis I just chuckle. And thank my father for teaching me it's ok to think on my own!!! Orvis has done more for the fly fishing world than any company in history and has done it for over a 150 years, and some people actually hate them for it!

    And now I can support Orvis by buying from my favorite line company "S.A." since they have been around for some 50 years or more and cortland and s.a. were the companies selling fly lines when I started. To me all the other companies are just second best - but that's just me.
  9. gabe0430

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    Good perspective.....Orvis has done a lot for this sport and we need big companies like Orvis and Sage to keep things moving forward.
  10. GAT

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    I certainly have no problem with Orvis. My favorite 5 weight is a Orvis rod from a beginner's kit. When I first got into flyfishing, the only problem with Orvis was the expense. Anything with an Orvis patch on it cost much more than anything else.

    There are now a lot of expensive flyfishing, trendy companies who sell products that are more expensive primarily due to the company badge. The product isn't any better but that logo counts big time and worth the extra price!!! :D
  11. Olive bugger

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    Gene, a lot of companies are selling the sizzle and not the steak.
    It seems to be he norm. I do have to admit that I really like my Sage
    9 foot 5 wt rod very much. But it was more than I really wanted to spend. But I would do it again, if I needed to.
  12. Kent Lufkin

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    Thanks for the gentle memory nudge Gene. I'd forgotten entirely that Orvis made kits that people could buy to then finish their own rods.

    Although there may have been later kits for graphite rods that I'm unaware of, it seems to me they had a terrific bamboo kit rod. If I remember right, the blank was the same impregnated bamboo taper made popular in their wonderful Battenkill line. Originally designed by Wes Jordan in the late 1940s, the Battenkill taper was made continuously for decades (and may still be for all I know.) One fellow on Clark's called the Battenkill the 'Chevy 283' of fly rods.

    If that's the same rod you're referring to, there's a lot more people who feel exactly the same way.

  13. Tim Cottage

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    Yes they did. Until I recently sold it I had an impregnated Battenkill kit rod. It was a 7' 3/4 wt.

    In short, Orvis contracted with Sharpes of Aberdeen to use the Orvis developed Bakelite impregnation process to produce the impregnated blanks to their specs. A number of other American rod companies did the same.


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  14. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    Such as Leonard, who made my wonderful impregnated Duracane 755! Who else besides Orvis and Leonard contracted for those Sharpes impregnated blanks?

  15. Tim Cottage

    Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

    I'm really not sure who else took advantage of the Sharpes blanks. It was all brought about by the 1970's Chinese embargo under Tricky Dick Nixon which included importation of raw bamboo. To circumvent the embargo which had a loophole regarding products with additional manufacturing in countries other than China, Orvis, Leonard and others had that additional manufacturing (building the blank) done by Sharpes of Aberdeen, Scotland.

    Attached are images of my rod kit.

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  16. Skysoldier

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    I personally don't understand hating on any company unless they have really wronged you or are sending jobs outside the US. If you do not like a company's product then don't use them, but don't hate just because they have not been in business for a 100+ years, after all they give the rest us a choice.

    Kent this was in no way directed at you, it's just a general comment.
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  17. rainbow

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    I feel in love with orvis graphite when they came out with those unsanded rods. It was a turning point for me to graphite. I still have them and they make a great dryfly rod. I also have a few of orvis boo rods that I love. Haven't found the right situation for my 5" mitey mite, but I will.
  18. Greg Armstrong

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    ... Cortland used Sharpes impregnated blanks as well.
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    Geez... I hate to mention it now but I meant a beginners set up that included the rod, the reel and a line... not a beginning rod building kit. I didn't they sold such a thing. :eek:
  20. Greg Armstrong

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    Regarding Orvis;
    Any American company that has been around for 150~ years gets my respect.
    I like some of their products, and some others are not for me. What I have purchased from them over the years has been of high quality and has worked very well for me. I also like their sense of environmental ethics.
    As an aside, some of those impregnated bamboo rods are perfect for fishing the salt for anyone inclined. I have both Orvis and Sharpes impregnated bamboo rods that do just fine for searun cutthroat and salmon.
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