Morrish Medusa

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Big E, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Big E Moderator

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    Well, this tie did not go well for me. I was doing another SBS at the request of Thomas Williams and Steve Knapp and I forgot to put the memory card in the camera! DOH! To top it all off, I just used my last two hooks to tie this one and now I'll have to wait to redo the SBS.

    So, anyways, here's my take on the Steelhead fly developed by Ken Morrish of Ashland, OR.

  2. Mark Mercer Member

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    Great choice for a name, if it doesn't scare them....and turn them to stone i have no doubt they'll slam it. excellent tie.
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  3. GAT Active Member

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    Is that the new vise?
  4. Big E Moderator

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    No...that's my Renzetti. New vice won't be here for quite some time.
  5. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    That looks scrumptious Eric!! I'm thoroughly impressed. You always seem to come through in a good challenge. The medusa is one of my faves for steelhead.

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  6. Big E Moderator

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    Thanks for the compliments guys. You wouldn't have been too impressed with all the cussing on doing the head though. All my scissors are getting dull and it was a pain. Finally resorted to the razor blade and spinning block. Much easier to make a brush than to fiddle with trying to cut the hide off in the dubbing loop.
  7. Steve Knapp Beach Bum

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    Crazy fly, looks badass, thanks E!
  8. Paul Huston Swinger

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    Looking forward to the SBS
  9. Big E Moderator

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