Most Embarrassing moment with a Speyrod

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by SPEYBUM, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. I was floating a section of the upper Klickitat this fall. I had just beached my pontoon and was walking out and down into a run while I made some preliminary rolls to get some line out. I must have overpowered the anchor with a forward stroke on one roll, because the fly snapped into the boat behind me with a loud metallic twang. The fly was embedded in the bow of one float. I wiggled the fly but that just made the air hiss out more. I had a couple more miles to go. I just clipped off the fly and left it in the float. I finished off the day with hardly any air out of that side.
  2. I play a lot of basketball with my buddies, and earlier this spring I really sprained my right wrist pretty badly -- it put me out of fishing commission for a couple of weeks. Being unable to go too awfully long without fishing, though, I loaded up on Advil and forced myself back out before the wrist was ready. I was fishing a pretty well-known local river, about 50 yards from a bridge. I'm generally casting okay, but my wrist hurts like hell. A car stops on the bridge to watch me cast. My testosto-arrogance level spikes instantly, and I commit myself to a series of unspeakably beautiful casts for the benefit of my audience. Violating every applicable rule of speycasting, I put a healthy dose of extra energy into the first cast. As should be expected, the cast itself was a disaster. But even worse, my wrist completely gave out on me -- I lost my grip on the pole, and because my form was so bad, my extra line down near the butt (I generally Skagit cast) caught itself around the reel and the whole goddamn thing shot itself about 10 yards out in front of me, whereupon the current began to move it speedily toward the sea. I stumbled after it in the thigh-deep water (itself an exercise in elegance), and managed to catch up with my rod about 50 yards down the river. I snuck a peek back up at the bridge, but my audience had . . . uhm. . . chosen to move on.
  3. Here's one that no one has touched on...

    Holding your brand new spey rod and trying to explain to your wife why you needed another rod and how much you paid for it ;)

    Mine came in the mail yesterday.

  4. Worse when she decides to go into my secret closet and count all of my fly rods. Taking a break from another new rod this year, but next year watch out !

    :beer2: :beer1:

  5. Trust me Joe ... been there, done that ... like yesterday with my new 16 footer.:cool:
  6. You let your wife find your secret stash of rods!???? I've got a mind to send out a vote to remove you from the "Fraternal Order of Men"....

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  7. :) God if she evers find out I have not used a few rods and reels in 30+ years I am dead with The Princess right Mr. Evans ?

    :beer2: :thumb:

  8. Guys, does your wife negotiate with you about buying a new pair of shoes you all know she doesn't need? Well, don't negotiate with her about how many fly rods you need. It's none of her business. Pussies.

  9. Salmo,

    I don't think I would compare a pair of shoes with a spey rod. Unless she is buying minolo blotniks. :eek:
  10. Hal, if you need my answer, I'd ask you to re-review Salmo's comments.

    (Within reason) "Pussies" covers it quite nicely.:cool:
  11. iagree iagree

    But I am still not buying a new rod or reel until next year. But new waders I can justify telling her the ones I have are 3 years old and leaking (even though they are not);)



  12. Lord, spare us all.

    Geeze Louise Hal .... "until next year" is TWO WEEKS away.:rofl:
  13. The last couple of posts reminds me of a saying

    "My only fear in life is that when I die, my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I told her I paid for it!" :)
  14. Good one LBB!

    And on that note, we do seem to have 'strayed from the (orig.) point' of this thread.;)
  15. My philosophy about this sort of thing is that food, clothing, and shelter are my primary responsibilities. Beyond that, if I want it, and can afford it, I get it. Buying fishing tackle should only enter the realm of negotiation if its purchase puts the primary responsibilities, and at a certain phase, the kids' education, at risk.

    Fishing provides me endless satisfaction. The best wife in the world can't match that, not meaning in the least to denigrate any of those best wives.
  16. I do have the best soon-to-be-wife in the world and I pray it stays that way. She also likes to fish and isn't competative about it which is how I am and she does occasionally out fish me. Anyway, I got the real deal when it comes to endless satisfaction. Plus as a bonus she makes WAY more money than me so when I blow my money on a new rod I got nothing to worry about. :)
  17. Last spring on the Sol Duc I drove a 1/0 spey fly straight into the croch of my waders...DOH!. :beathead: Don't ask, but I guess my anchor point was a little too close eh. Good thing I laid off on the power during forward stroke as soon as I saw that fly heading towards me. I had to patch my waders after that trip. Lucky me that the fly didn't even break the skin. :thumb:
  18. :eek: :eek:

    Better to be lucky then good they say !

    :beer2: :)


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