Most Expensive Fly Tying Material?

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  1. There is a material in the UK called "Mosaic" it is made by a company called Lureflash. The company used to spin this stuff out and it was a staple fly tying material for Lures, Buzzers and as an addition to some nymphs. It is like a black background but stamped out in mosiac colours and works reasonably well with the fish.

    After a while the machine broke and they had to make a new machine to produce the stuff. Well the new machine didn't quite come up to scratch and so where born the elitist who had hold of the dwindling stocks of the old stock.

    Now time went on and the old stock started to demand a premium within the cult following of the mysterious world of fly tying!

    Now someone put up a hank of this material and it was probably semi used, on Fleabay and the bidding has now closed.

    The final lot went today for............................. get your calculators out......................£62.10!

    Here is a picture of the material


    Now this material is so light that I wouldn't be surprised if it came out as the current winner in the "Most Expensive Fly Tying material" ever.

    Here is a UK thread on the subject

  2. Some bird skins used to tie Atlantic Salmon flies go for for thousands of dollars. A Cotinga skin goes for $1500.
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  5. What Pel said, some Atlantic stuff is a small to large fortune if you can find it. I once heard about a material, Urine Stained Vixen, that was super rare and pricy. Not sure if any of it is true, but I thought "Only fly tyers could commercialize that sh!t, and make a pattern out of it."
  6. Thats the norm in any country,:)
  7. Just takng the p.55!
  8. the most expensive tying material for me is time. Priceless.
  9. 2 Jungle Cock feathers for $13 ain't cheap.
  10. Hello all.
    New member here. Some of my purchases have been pricey as well. I once paid $17.00 Cdn for a pair of Peacock secondary quills. Most expensive purchase so far has been a BEP skin, primo grade A1, ( if there is such a thing) 200 bucks. I have been real lucky as well. My wife's grandfather was a tier and I inherited some of his stuff....grey peacock pheasant pairs, in sizes small to large, bulk dyed seal dubbin, same with rabbit and I had a whole White tipped turkey tail given to me by a buddy. I also scored a bunch of polar bear, both white and dyed.

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  12. Google 'Siskiyou Aviary' and hold on to your wallet. BEAUTIFUL FEATHERS beyond compare; the choice of all 'presentation' fly tiers. (Located just outside Ashland, Oregon)

    Edit: Darn! Almost forgot to add my welcome to "Loopy" and Peter; we post on several of the same UK based boards.
  13. Fred

    Thanks for the idea - have done what you suggested and googled 'Siskiyou Aviary' and am delighted with the site. Thank you. It is only a shame that you can't provide suggestions like this one in the UK! ;-)
  14. I have purchased from Kate Davidson at Siskiyou. Her Braman and Seabright capes and backs are truely beyond comparison but very limited in supply.


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