Most popular flies for Western Washington?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kristen, Nov 21, 2001.

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    Hi all,

    My father really wants to tie some flies for my husband as a Christmas present. My husband and I live in the Seattle area, but my father lives in Utah and doesn't know which flies work the best up here.

    Would anyone care to list perhaps the top 5 or 6 fly patterns that they like to use? My husband hasn't been fishing in several years, so it's not likely that he'll be fishing for any specific type of fish--whichever is the most plentiful I suppose. :)

    Thanks for your input!

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  3. Preston Active Member

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    What kind of fishing does your husband do? That will make a big difference.
  4. Flyfisher Frank New Member

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    Kristen, Hi
    Here are a few really basic patterns, easy to tie, that I always keep stocked in my fly box.

    Dry flys for the productive small creek fishing I love so much.

    Elk hair caddis - in variety of colors.
    Elk hair Xcaddis - rainbows have trouble resisting these.
    Stimulators - in orange, yellow

    Streamers for the larger deeper fish when they won't take dries.

    Wooly buggers - in black, brown, olive green, beadheads.

    Nymphs for fish that are feeding, but not in the top water.

    Hare's ear - black and olive
    Prince nymphs and bead head prince nymphs
    San Juan Worms - variety of colors
    Chironomids - for the really slow retrieve

    Terrestrials for various selective feeding fish.

    Hopper patterns - for Yakima River
    Ants - Black Beetles - Damsel Flies

    As you can see the fly box can get really complicated in a hurry. The question posted previously was right too. The type of fishing dictates which fly boxes I take with me. Steelhead? Salmon? Small creek trout, rivers, saltwater, all use different types of flies. But,the ones listed above are consistant producers for trout.
    Hope this helps. Flyfisher Frank
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    Thank you for the suggestions, everyone. I had a feeling the number of flies probably equaled (at least) the different types of fish, but the suggestions made will give my father plenty to work on between now and Christmas.

    (P.S. My guess is that my husband is most likely to fish in a river for trout.)