Most useless piece of kit you purchased?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Loopy, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. I buy nothing but C&F boxes and haven't had the latch problems :hmmm: I like how they hold the flies well without having to pierce the foam which as we all know gradually destroys them. The little box with the divider with foam slots on both sides holds a gagillion nymphs. Yes, they are expensive, I just have to tell myself I deserve it.

    Aha! I just thought of the most useless piece of gear: Hodgman breathable waders - they sprung leaks so fast, just sick. I got used to being wet until I could afford something better. Now, my Simms G3, thank the fishing gods for waders that keep me dry and have nice features.

  2. :rofl: I have a pair, and I've never had a problem with them. I keep waiting for them to tear so I can send them off to recycled waders and get some dan bailey's or something but they haven't died yet.

    Maybe next time I've got some cash laying around I'll try the c&f boxes again, perhaps I was unlucky. That or I'm too rough on my gear . . . :rolleyes:
  3. very interesting thread! I guess everybody is different.
    -I just started whip finishing with a tool, for me it is a lot more accurate than my fingers.
    -I now have 4 cliffs Bugger barns, I think that they are great!
    -I love my Sage 6126 z, I am glad I use mine.
    -I also just picked up another vest as I m tired of the lanyard.
    -I must have 4 c&f boxes that work great.
    -I have an Orvis Mach reel on a 8wt spey rod. It seems to work fine so far.
    I will keep a closer watch on the EE for the good stuff that you guys dont like! :thumb:
  4. Don't you have pike over there you could use it on?
  5. That immediately come to mind:

    1) 7x and 8x tippet. Like when does a person use that?
    2) A device (like a little enclosed reel with a cotton line inside it) that was supposed to help when a person is changing lines in a float tube. Great concept, crummy product.
  6. Pint of Cuervo. It didn't even last until sun up!
  7. Two words: Silver Creek
  8. Sheeps wool and ripple foam "drying patches". Flies jump off them (both) or won't come out (sheeps wool only). I just put my flies back in the box and if they rust, so what. I would have lost them if they'd been on my drying patch.
  9. Two words: 6x fluorocarbon
  10. I disagree! Even during any Trico hatch I only taper down to 6X and my less experienced brother-in-law uses 5X and we always have similar success. Even a few guides I met don't have their clients go down beyond 6X since they probably get tired of tying on flies after every cast.
  11. Fisherman's trash receptacle and fly rig holder (marketed as stream keeper?), purchased because I met the guide who invented the device (an old plastic film canister with an "X" cut in the lid and velcro around the sides). The velcro sticks to everything on your body and the trash pops right out as you try to shove it in. Good idea though.

    As for the bugger barn, I love my Bugger Beast Jrs. Not exactly vest friendly due to the size, but it's so loaded with weapons I swear the James Bond theme plays every time it's opened.
  12. I've always just pinched the leader between my fingers and pulled. My leathery skin works great, who needs a leader straightener.

  13. Fine, fine, maybe there was a breeze, or maybe I was a fool to fish the float-tubey section. The one time I fished Silver Creek it was absolutely windless and totally sunny. I tried 6x during the callibaetis hatch and couldn't buy a strike. Went to 7x and finally started getting strikes (er, sips). And, by the way, I can present a fly upstream, downstream, reach casts, etc... the fish could see my yard of 6x flouro and would have nothing to do with it. So, :p Richard :rofl:

    Edit: okay, fine, I did get a fish on 6x flouro - nymphing!
  14. Stewart:
    I had the same problem. Saw an article in some fly fishing magazine and this guy had a plastic box which he drilled full of small holes to let the air in. He puts his wet flies in that box. The flies dry out and the hackle isn't messed up as bad. I tried it and it works! I lost way to many flies on my vest in the times past but this works well.


  15. :hmmm: Isn't that what a hat is for?
  16. Speaking of fly boxes, I always laugh at the boxes proudly stating they are waterproof.

    In my experience this is not a good thing.
  17. OK, here goes and I have done some soul searching before admitting this and I totally blame this on my kids. During a very weak moment I purchased the Banjo Minnow kit. Thank God it is still in the garage collecting dust. :beathead::beathead::beathead::beathead::beathead::eek:
  18. You're a post beta test, post recall user of the Mach :D
  19. Do you have a Popeil Pocket Fisherman too?:p
  20. :rofl: I had to look this up, the description is awesome...


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