Most useless piece of kit you purchased?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Loopy, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Obi

    It didn't take long and I deserve it and and all that may come yet. If I admitted to the BM (and that is what it is) I would also admit to the pocket fisherman if I had one.
  2. I can't believe no one has mentioned Okuma flyboxes. Am I the only one dumb enough to buy one? Ok, FOUR? I once though these looked like a grand idea and those POSs when I worked at REI. :beathead::beathead: At least I got them on a discount. Everytime I opened one of those windows I'd lose like 3 flys.

    Orvis waders. The whole inseam slowly and systematically blew out over the course of the season. By the time the crotch seams blew, I was out of aquaseal and had water running down both legs (not the warm kind).

    Studed wading boots that I couldn't remove the studs from. Nothing like scratching up everything you walk on and every boat you touch. :beathead:
  3. This may not count as I didn't buy it. The marvel of modern ingenuity was given to me for my birthday many years ago.

    A worm box for raising your own worms...
  4. WW 5.4, I had me a nifty ol worm box back in the day. I think I was like ten living in bass, crappie, perch and blue gill country in northern Indiana. I grew some super stud worms adding a bit of copenhagen to their soil. The fish loved the minty fat worms. Shortly after that I became hooked on fishing with lures and all but abandoned the bait market.
  5. My laptop!
  7. Who wears a hat? :) I've lost flies in my hat also. The little ventilated plastic box really does work and keeps the flies in better shape for reuse. And, you don't loose flies.

  8. Don't be too rough on the Banjo minnow. Babe Winkleman uses them all the time - they have great life-like action and come in several colors and sizes to 'match the hatch'.
    My most useless - fingerless waterproof gloves. Second most useless - figure 8 tool for tying on chain and dumbbell eyeballs.
  9. Bought a Moodus knot tying tool. Used it a couple of times and gave up on it as it caused more problems than it solved.

  10. Yeah I've lost a few from my baseball caps, but only when swatting biting flies and whatnot when my hat has a mess of flies stuck in it. I never lose them out of my Filson oilcloth hat though... they stick in there real good and that so'm'bitch kills biting flies and yellow jackets with a vengeance. 3rd Deg Black Belt, HatKwonDo
  11. Amen.
  12. "Cabela's" fly fishing products, (especially their waders and their tippet/leader, JUNK JUNK JUNK! I no longer buy ANY gear that says "Cabelas" on it.) Korkers Cross Current wading boots, (falling apart at the seems after 2 weeks of use) The "Reel-E-Good" Winder, (Cheap plastic junk, doesn't work with 99% of fly line spools, useless!) Solar powered Mosquito Annoyer (doesn't prevent mosquitos, high pitch buzzing annoys the human user more than any of the insects!).

    That's all I can think of right now...
  13. i would never even ATTEMPT a solar powered mosquito annoyer. lol.

  14. RockyMtnC&R, I'm hoping you feel better having gotten all that crap gear list off your chest. Do let us know if you remember any more items that are crap or annoy you. Thanks on the tip to avoid that solar powered human annoyer and the useless winder. I have been up late at night thinking about both of those products (truly on the winder, just kidding on the solar thing).
  15. I have the winder and use it all the time - works fine! It is plastic so not real nuke proof but it does do the job - at least for me.
  16. I don't feel too bad about my Banjo Minnow after reading the post from Rockymtn.C&R but I still would not brag about it, no offense to Babe. To be fair though I do have had some Cabela products over the years and still do and have been pleased. Another worthless product I have is the "Bite" sandals. Tried once in the water and way too much slippage and I could not get them tight enough for what they were designed for, still can not beat the boot. They do however make a decent walk around sandal on dry land or on the beach so not all was lost.
  17. Nope, it's junk. The line guide doesn't fit in right and always comes out. Only one of the spools they give you opens from the sides. And the spool shaft is too thick to accommodate fly line spools from both RIO and SA so you have to drill a thicker hole yourself, pain in the butt.

    As for Cabelas, I like their stores, and their sales on flies and gear made by other companies, just not the stuff that says, "Cabelas" on it or its packaging. If you disagree with me, I hereby sentence you to buy a pair of their $100 waders and fish their leader and tippet for a month. Then buy a pair of Dan Bailey's or Simms waders and some RIO or SA Mastery leader & tippet. Compare and contrast...
  18. In my earlier post I was trying to remember the Aqua Fly box.
    Was duped by sex appeal I guess. Likely won't be the last time.
    OTH, it appears to be a well made POS.
  19. No more Cortland Fly Lines for me! No more metal fly boxes....they sink ya know...
  20. So once you GLUE the line guide into the BS hole it comes with and do some tweeking on the fly line spools- you are good to go! I drill then re-use all of the factory line spools. What else would you do at home to re-spool your reels?

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