Most useless piece of kit you purchased?

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  1. I respool mine on their original spools with my drill as long as I have not forgotten to charge the darn battery.
  2. Once you glue the line guide in place it's no longer portable, kind of a bummer. And, I don't think I should have to waste my time drilling bigger holes in spools or have to reuse them down the road. The Reel e Mediocre winder company should of thought of that. It just feels like a beta version, not the final product. It could be so much better. Charge another $10 and do it right.
  3. Or just $10.00 for the whole thing - I will say it's not exactly heavy duty
  4. I like the line guide being loose. I hold it in my hand to lay the line across the wider spools evenly
  5. Only if you exclusively use "barbless hooks", me thinks.....:ray1:

    Yeah, yeah, I know -- any "decent" fly fishermen only use barbless hooks & C&R everything they catch, yada,yada,yada :rolleyes:

    jcnewbie (except "decent" poachers, of course.....:cool:, as they are a breed unto themselves:()
  6. Boy oh boy, can I identify with that.....:beathead::beathead: Can't thread any tippet smaller than 3x without a microscope with very long eye relief and short focal range.....:eek:!

  7. Yep. It serves as a good check for whether I'm crimping barbs *all the way* - if it hangs up in the fabric of my hat *at all* then it wasn't good enough.
  8. Cortland lines? No problem with mine!

    Metal fly boxes sink? Don't they make ships out of steel?:hmmm:

  9. OBTW, can ya tell I'm at work on my day off? Bored as heck.....sorry :clown:!

    jcnewbie (...finally beginning to pick up some of this "abbreviated/acronym stuff", or "short speak" referred to in some book I read 100 years ago....:ray1:!
  10. I have caught so many bass with banjow minnows and the higher quality baits of the same fashion.

    They don't work so well on trout but bass they are great.
  11. Just ask Babe
  12. Gotta agree w/ the Reel-E-Good winder. I used one once, and it took me about two hours to untangle the bird's nest when the line winder spool came apart.
  13. Yeah, it's an ancient thread, but I gotta comment on the Moodus knot tool. It's the best bloodknot tool I've ever used (and...after over 50 years of collecting flyfishing gizmos....I got a lot of ....knot gizmos)!!

    Its hook threading setup also works pretty good too on very small sized hooks...which an old geezer like myself very much appreciates. I think enough of this tool that I have 4 of 'em...they're hard to find and I'm always dropping something in the damn lake.
  14. I know how you feel, after following the directions I was disappointed when I opened it up a week later and ther was no woolley worms inside
  15. 2012 salmon/ steelhead harvest record card...

    the coho are a nosho
  16. I don't know.
    All I do pretty much is catch and release.
    But did that stop me from buying a nice looking Benchmade
    fillet knife? Nope.
    Never used it.
    Sure is pretty though.
  17. No joke :(
  18. My friend has filled out three cards so far on a S river
  19. The S river I fish was a perfect example of 10% of the fishermen catching 90% of the fish. I got to know a few of the 10% that caught a ton of silvers this year. I watched and seen that the guys catching most of the fish trolled and/or cast spoons and fished all over the river, those that didn't catch fish plunked in one spot whether from the shore or a boat. Watch, learn, catch more fish. Sit, drink beer, complain the fish didn't show up.
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  20. Mine looks alright....of course I intercepted them in the salt. ;)

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