Most useless piece of kit you purchased?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Loopy, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. No S rivers in the lower columbia... might head to the grays harbor area this weekend
  2. I'm going to use some 7x this weekend! I bought 7x for the San Juan River in NM to fish size 26 midges. HAven't used it much since then but I'm gonna fish a lake this weekend with tiny tiny midges too
  3. I have Cabelas's waders. I've used them pretty hard for the last two years and the only leak they've gotten is because I fell down a hill and tore a nice hole in them. I'm pretty happy with mine.
  4. Just realized how old this thread is!
  5. I like my cabelas waders too. Only brand I've found that fist my shape well enough to not have seem stress or too much baggy material.

  6. Four years later and it still sits around.

    But I have another one I don't use. It's that thing that looks like the barrel of a pen with a little hook on the pointy end to hold your flies, while you tread the leader through the eye of the fly.
  7. Old thread for sure but since it was brought up....

    Orvis Mach Reel - Drag quite working day one, handle fell off day two of a bonefish trip. Nothing like being a beta tester for them. Reel was recalled shortly after that for the identical reasons I experienced.

    Anything Redington prior to Far Bank acquiring them. Since then their products have been top notch.

    Streamline neoprene waders...I would have stayed drier wearing a swimsuit.

    Cortland clear camo line. Must have got a bad one. My friends all love theirs. Mine sank faster then my type III did.
  8. A Tie-Rite? I'll give you a buck for it Jim.

  9. I have that thought ever year! Funny! Good response.
  10. Redington RS3 7'6" 4wt.
  11. The reissues are very solid though. I've been really happy with mine.
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  12. I like mine as well. I had a pair for hunting with the boots built in and they started to leak after two years. I dont blame em though, lots of hiking through russian olives and sagebrush is pretty hard on waders. Cabelas replaced them with gift cards equal to their value when purchased so I could go get new ones. Top notch!
  13. Thanks for rubbing it in,I was one of those hapless souls who spent a few hour washing wing bobber for not much action,But I made up for it casting wells spoons at the spud bar ..
  14. To bad they didn't get it right the first time. That reel should have never made it to the stores the first time around. Like I said, nice job of using your customers to find the flaws in your products.
  15. Ditto Kent. When you've got kielbasa fingers, they're handy for small flies.
  16. Mine was this mitten. What kind of idiot only has one huge middle finger right? [​IMG]
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  17. I also got this reel protector, but it's not really big enough to protect the butt shaft of the rod. Stupid colors too. Not sure why the hell my Grandma keeps getting me these things.

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  18. Clearly your Grandma knows that is for a switch rod and not a two handed rod. She knows your equipment better than you know yourself. When it's time I'm sure she'll know
  19. Cost me more to send it to you. I think I'll keep it for a while longer.
  20. The worst gear I have is waders and boots I got for my EX!!! She didn't want them when we broke up 2 years ago. The girl I'm with now shows a slight interest in wading around with me and reading on the bank, but she's going to have to buy her own waders. It would just be too weird putting ex lady's waders on her. To the dumpster!

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