Mother's Day in Oregon

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Builder, May 2, 2013.

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    Doesn't make sense to me to leave Montana when the bugs are starting to go nuts...but my wife and I are heading to Portland to visit our daughter ( 7 months pregnant with our first Grandbaby!!!) and her husband for Mother's Day. My son in law is a newb to the sport but it sounds like he is very interested in getting out of Portland for a day and using the new rod I built for him. He has made one trip to The McKenzie and one to The Deschutes, saw some risers but couldn't get any action. I did get him onto fish with nymphs and indicators on Rock Creek this past winter.
    Can any of you kind Oregon fishy types give me some general info on where we should go, what hatches might be happening in a couple weeks and maybe what I should look for as far as flows go for wading? ( No boat). Will two weeks be too early for Salmon Flies?
    Thank guys and gals,
    Missoula, MT
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    With the weather really heating up early out there, I think salmonflies just might be on the menu on the Big D... Worst off, you can always nymph up some fish out there. Just keep your eye peeled for snakes.
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    Thanks for the link FS! I saw some pics of the D and it looked like a really pretty river. Ticks are out over here in Western Montana. I'm glad we don't have the snakes.
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    There is also sandy river and eagle creek area. Not quit the drive.
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    Ticks are out over here, too. The rattlers won't bother you if you don't step on them. The primary worry is if you fish with a dog.

    The D is Oregon's closest thing you'll find to the rivers in Montana.

    Keep in touch with the shops because the giant stoneflies can start showing up any day... like today. Otherwise, there's still plenty of other bugs hatching and as mentioned, nymphs are always an option and really, the one I used the most when I was fishing The D.

    Good luck and have fun! (the ticks are more of a threat than the snakes)
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    Thank's Gene. We do have a couple dogs that the non fisher's will be handling. Or the ladies may feel the ticks are not conducive to their relaxing day at water's edge and may just decide to to stay in town. We are also open to heading south a couple hours out of Portland. I'm going to talk to The Caddis Fly shop too and see what may be happening with the big orange bugs down that way.
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    I simply use a lot of Deet based spray when fishing or looking for mushrooms in tick lands and it works well. I always wear a hat and make sure I spray the devil out of the head wear. As a result, I haven't found a tick on me in years.

    The salmon fly hatch isn't nearly as large on The McKenzie as it is on The Deschutes but there are other hatches coming off about the time you'll be in Oregon.

    May is the month I start looking for shad on the Umpqua so I don't mess with the trout like I once did. Catching shad with fly gear is an absolute blast.
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    I used to fish with a dog and smoke fish, but the dog was to hard to cast and I couldn't keep the fish lit.
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    Stay out of the tall grass and the ticks won't bother you.