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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Long Rodder, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Long Rodder New Member

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    So I am buying a used 16' runabout with an almost new Merc 30 EFI. I seem to recall reading or hearing somewhere that some types of gas (the ethanol blend gasoline?) is really hard on outboard engines.

    Does anybody know anything about this? What problems might occur? Should I use some sort of additive?

    I would rather prevent a problem now than have to fix it later. Thanks for any help!
  2. saffman Member

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    Ethanol Free is hard to get sometimes depending on where you live. Burn the highest octane (premium) you can get and use an additive for sure if it is an ethanol blend. If you don't use it in the winter be sure to run it dry and preferably get rid of the gas in the tank before next season. Burn it in your brother in laws mower and start fresh.
  3. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Just a suggestion......."IF" you're outboard requires oil mixed with the fuel, it is not a good practice to "run it dry". It will lead to excessive wear or worse, score the cylinder walls.
    Better to drain the carb, remove the plugs and spray with an "engine fogger" like "Sea Foam", etc. With the coil wire or battery disconnected and in gear rotate the prop to get a coating on the pistons/cyclinders and put the plugs back.
  4. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Hey saffman, I only use ethanol free gas in all of my power equipment. Although I read somewhere that most manufacturers are now making seals etc out of a compound that doesn't get compromisedor eaten up by ethanol, I don't quite believe it. I think it was ethanol that ruined the seals in the engine of my '88 Mazda. Can't prove it, though.

    I also add Stabil to my mower gas in the Fall, just in case I get lazy. If you only take your power boat out occasionally, I recommend adding the marine grade Stabil to outboard motor gas so you don't always have to be draining and re-filling the gas tank or can.

    I always run my 4-stoke Merc 9.9 dry after each use when I'm flushing it in my driveway.

    I also have read that the gas stabilizers like Marine Stabil also help guard against any potential damage that may be done by ethanol.

  5. Long Rodder New Member

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    I'm in luck! A gas station very close to me has ethanol free gas.

    Thanks for the replies. I am still going to use an additive like sta-bil.

    With a lake as popular as Moses Lake, one would think the marina here would carry good gas. Nope. 10% ethanol. Go figure.
  6. Patrick Gould Active Member

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    I've never had any problems running blended gas in outboards, but my 200cc Aprilia scooter hates the stuff so I'm sure that there are other small engines that will run better with unblended.
  7. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    Longrodder, I don't think the Conoco station hasn't taken down it's sign yet. Supposedly all gas stations in WA now carry ethanol additive gas only. I believe it was mandatory as of July 1st. You might ask that gas station to make sure.
  8. Long Rodder New Member

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    Thanks for the heads up. I did ask at the station; they assured me it was ethanol free ("the boat racers here last month tested the gas"). But, that was a clerk, and the racers were here before July 1st. I will ask the management, and buy a tester to make sure.
  9. matalpa Member

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    Google ethanol-free gas and one of the first websites to come up will have a database of stations that carry ethanol- free gas. I use it in my motorcycle and outboards. I find it helps VERY much.

  10. Joepa Joe from PA

    I have a Merc 50EFI and have been running it for 6 years now without issue on blended gas. I do occasionally use the Stabil marine additive. I keep the tank full over long periods of non-use and do always use the additive on old gas.
  11. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Ethanol, what a sick joke!
    Its time we all sent a message to our representatives in Congress to do away with this ethanol boondoggle. In no way does it do anything to help the "fuel crisis." Its just a political handout to the corn lobby. In fact, I recently read that ethanol in your gasoline reduces your fuel economy to the point where there is no net economical benefit to anyone except corn growers and the corn lobby. Hell, we (the USA) are net exporters of refined fuels. So there is no reason to have ethanol in our gas.

    This type of thing just pisses me off. I just ran a tank full of the 10% ethanol on a drive around the OP on Hwy 101, using my cruise control as much as possible, so I can now calculate my "most economical" mpg. I am going to fill up with "ethanol free" regular gas today. If there is even the slightest improvement in fuel economy, I am going to start running ethanol free regular in my Forester, even though Subaru recommends a higher grade.
  12. Trout Master Active Member

    seafoam as a fogger??????? i dont think so!!!!!!
  13. Mark Walker Active Member

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    To be more exact, Seafoam makes a product called "Deep Creep" that is an excellent engine fogger. I've used it for years when "winterizing". Works very well for me and an "84 Evinrude 50hp.
  14. Trout Master Active Member

    after almost 30 years of being a marine tech, no uses seafoam to fog a engine for storage. seafoam is good to remove water from the crank case and that is it.
  15. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Don't know what to tell ya. Deep Creep and Seafoam are 2 different products with different uses.
    Seafoam makes "Deep Creep". Check the mfg's info.