Motor recommendation for a DB

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Jason Hoffman, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Looking for an outboard for a 16ft clack DB. Anyone have recommendations about sizing, brands or models? I was thinking 6hp.

  2. I have some friends that run 8hp Yamahas on rivers, not speedy but forward motion on easy water. The 6 may be too small for any river action that isn't soft water. If on a lake a 6 would be fine. IMO.
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  3. Contact mountain drift boat in Victor Idaho. They only deal Clacka and put motors on a large percentage of the boats that fish the SF Snake. Check out the Aluminum Motor mount for Clacka boats. Its pretty snazzy.
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  4. Thanks, I will definitely contact them.
  5. I had a 16 foot willie guide model drift boat with a motor well built in it. I started off with a ten horse and it was not very fast So I put a 15 horse on it the only difference was the 15 horse outboard made a bigger wake. A drift boat plows thru the water no matter what you do because of the rocker built into the bottom. In short the more horse power you got the higher the bow comes out of water and the more water you push.
  6. I keep hearing that people feel they dont really go faster with more throttle or more HP on a DB. I am considering just going with a Nissan 6hp as its super light weight, ~58lbs and could easily be tossed in the back of the truck or mounted singlehandedly for solo motor up- drift back on softer water without needed a second car or shuttle. Anyone have opinions on this?
  7. 6 HP seems to be the optimum on a DB. I never had one on glass but used a 9.9 on my old alumaweld I had years ago. I used mine for trolling mostly. But kicked along fine in heavy currents around Pt Defiance and Grays Harbor. Agree it doesn't have a cutting hull but with enough power It'll move (but power you'd need I'm guessing boat could not support). Most guys I know are using 6 HP LS motors. So you will be good.

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